Saturday, 22 July 2017

Photoshoots, Fashion & Behind the Scenes

I usually do my blog on a Friday afternoon but I was busy yesterday doing photoshoots with Janice Issitt ... So here is a few sneaky behind the scenes pics. And the reality of photoshoots is that sometimes the photographer has to get in the most unlikely places to get the angle. Janice is actually inside a bush here, nothing for it, had to get in the bush...

And poor Nicole had to suffer bitey ants to get this pic. What a trooper!

I did not escape having my pic taken too...

Friday, 14 July 2017

Juggling Holidays & Working

Well, it can't really be done. That's how it seems anyway. Now the kids are off school I'm basically on holiday but I still have masses of work to do. What that means is that our kitchen table has become a 'temporary' office desk with all the tech and clutter that entails. I have to clear it off every evening before dinner and then put it all back. It's a bloody pain in the butt! Plus I'm shuttling back and forth between the studio and home because I've forgotten something tiny, like a lead or a delivery is coming or something. I just want a proper holiday where I can concentrate on just being one thing, a relaxed Mother. No such mercy for us self employed folks. Also I had to remove the most ENORMOUS spider from my studio yesterday. Who else is going to do it? No-one. So I caught it and re located it to a nearby hedge. I even have a special spider catching kit ever at the ready. It's a see through plastic cup (so I can know where the little horror is at all times) and piece of thin but stiff card. My studio is on the ground floor and seems to attract huge spiders specially to amuse/torture me... thanks universe.

On the upside I did just get a delivery of loads of new samples for the trade show I'm doing in August... lots of cushions and clothing and the cool backdrop I'll be using for display...
Check it out

That fab picture in the middle is by Janice Issitt who is coming over to see me next week and we will spend the week doing photo sessions for the catalogue...
Just a bit more work then it's the weekend!!!! And I'm going to be a relaxed Mother. It is decided!

Friday, 7 July 2017

Bohemian Warrior Queen Headdress Thingy

Last week I was supposed to go to Ibiza for a photoshoot. Everything was all planned and lined up except that the clothing samples didn't arrive in time so I had to cancel at the last minute. Talk about a stressful week! Well, no point going to Ibiza for a photoshoot if there are no clothes to photograph! So I've rescheduled it for about 10 days hence. I'm actually really happy about that too because it gives me more time to make props and accessories for it. Today I made a warrior boho queen headdress thingy.

It's just a load of old stuff I've been hoarding over the years. I do that. In truth, apart from the studs on the front, which I bought for doing my jacket, every other thing is just recycled old crap...

Now that I've made that, I don't have any more ideas about what I want to make.... my mind is a creative void, but I bet something will come to me overnight ;-) That sounds a bit creepy, but you know what I mean.

Friday, 30 June 2017

My Embroidered Black Leather studded Jacket & Paverpol

You know I was working on my old leather jacket last week, sewing appliqué bits onto the leather, which took AGES!!! and bloody hurt my fingers, but it was well worth the effort...
The studs finally came and I got to work with my hole puncher and power screwdriver, putting about 250 studs in, which also took ages. I also decided to lengthen the jacket and actually used some old bits of leather I had left over from a pair of lace up black thigh high boots I had as a 16 year old. Can you believe it! 30 years old bits of leather!! I'm such a hoarder! Who keeps this crap? But, I thought it would come in handy one day...didn't realise I'd have to wait 30 years!

Anyway, I'm super pleased with the result and the fit is perfect!

Last weekend I went on a course to learn how to sculpt with fabric using something called Paverpol.
We started by making a base from wire and tinfoil attached to an angel wing base.
All the ladies made very different shapes, some very curvy, others bowed and some, like mine with their arms flung out. As much different personality as the creators them selves...

But they were all lovely in their own ways. It was so nice to see these women enjoying themselves making things. I know how absorbing and calming it is to make stuff. I do it all the time and it is part of my job, but it was so wonderful to feel the energy of the group, totally focused and relaxed together.
This Paverpol stuff was incredibly easy to work with and the end result is surprisingly hard, light and durable. Definitely a great product to experiment with..

We used different fabrics, with different textures, but all stretchy, dipped in black Paverpol. The excess glue was smoothed out of the fabric to leave it drenched but not dripping then it was arranged around the frame. Once it had dried to the touch, which is surprisingly fast, we applied metallic gold paint to bring up the details.

I've had 2 big creative projects recently, plus this Paverpol thingy and feel like I have cleaned out all my ideas for now. I feel unburdened and light. Empty in a really nice way... I look forward to doing nothing creative at all for the next little while! Now I feel like talking....

Friday, 23 June 2017

Gucci, Embroidery & Roses on Black Leather

There has been a combination that I have loved for as long as I can remember (not that that is saying much these days ! ;-) It is traditional eastern European style flowers and embroidery on a black background. It was a big inspiration for me a couple of years ago when I started to design the 'Make Peace not war Collection'

It is also something that has inspired me on my next creative project. Unusually this is something just for me, nothing to do with work, just a personal project.

Last year I saw this jacket  by Gucci and I thought, mmmmm me wanty. But me cannot havey because it costs silly money...

Still, it didn't leave my mind because it featured several of my favourite and embroidery on black, leather bikers jackets and studs... all together, all at once, in the same place! too fabulous.

I decided I wanted to do something like this but make it more me, and more affordable of course. I looked forever for the perfect plain black leather jacket that I could augment but I never found anything that was 100% right so I ended up using an old cropped leather jacket from my ancient past.

I found a really lovely embroidered mesh top from Zara for next to nothing, so I've cut out all the bits of embroidery and have started sewing them onto the jacket.

Once, I've sewn on all the bits of appliqué I'm going to add a bit of leather to make it longer then start putting the studs on, which is going to be epic! There are about 200 of them to screw in. I'll show you pictures as I go on with it. If you love embroidery and fabulous bohemian clothes then you must check out my Pinterest Board of My Favourite Clothes

Today is Midsommar here in Sweden and a very important day for celebrating it is! Many strawberries will be consumed, there may be silly dancing around pagan looking May poles, but whatever way you are celebrating today, have wonderful day and I hope you have good weather!

Friday, 16 June 2017

AirBnB... Are you Late to the Party?

I'm going away to Ibiza in a few weeks, for a photoshoot, and I was looking into hotels...all either fully booked or stupidly expensive and then I thought 'Air BnB!' Well it might have been my mate that suggested it... I'm still bit new to Air BnB. Only used 1 once before and it is not what I first think of when I need to sort out accommodations. But my mate Janice is next to a professional traveller and Air BnB is her bitch so she sussed out a fantastic place for us to stay in Ibiza. I mean could choose this...

or for half the price you can have this all to yourselves...

I mean seriously! What would you choose?
Not convinced yet? ok you can have this outside your room...

or this...

And it costs half the price, comes with excellent local knowledge and a helpful host... Well you can see which I chose and that is where we will be going in a couple of weeks. Can't wait!

Yesterday I booked another Air BnB for the family, a long weekend in a cottage with a big pool, just a few hours drive away. I just thought it would be fun for the girls to have their own pool for a bit and none of us like becoming an ingredient in the human soup that is our local public pool but the girls really need to practice and have fun in the water. So, this might be more expensive than a family of 4 getting tickets to the local pool but it will be soooo much nicer and worth every kronor (penny ;-)

Friday, 9 June 2017

When is it ok to say 'That's a Mans job'?

Ok, before you get all heated under your hood, let me just put it out there that I'm a committed Feminist. I know that women deserve equal pay, equal rights and opportunities and that we are still viewed as commodities. That we are patronised, exploited and generally have a more challenging time moving ahead in business and balancing the job of baring the next generation. But when is it ok to say 'I'm not doing that. Thats a mans job!'?

Recently I found myself in a bit of a difficult situation... My street is very community minded and we gather twice a year to beautify, tidy and maintain our lovely neighbourhood. I was given the job of helping a big strapping dad lay the speed bumps down on the road. These are super heavy and it is hard dirty work. I didn't really want to do it but I'm no idle princess so I just got on with it. I'm sure I was close to busting some important inner body part when a lovely old fella said ' You shouldn't be doing that! Thats a mans job!' He rushed off and found another strapping young fella to assist the first one. I'd nearly finished and my nose was a bit out of joint. I felt very conflicted, I was pissed off that they thought I couldn't handle it but I sort of couldn't. Ok, the fact is I could handle it but those big chaps can handle that kind of thing much better. You don't even want to know about the state of my nails!

But it got me thinking... what's the feminists line on 'Mens jobs'??? I notice that it was an older man that suggested It was 'Mans Work'...and I know that kind of thinking is often part of that generation. I mean my mum has definite opinions on what is women or mens work... Cleaning, tidying, ironing is basically women work. Plumbing, electrical stuff, car maintenance and heavy lifting all mans department. When it comes to strength related stuff, I can see what might be a mans job, but electrical stuff and certain car related things...hmmm... It all just panders to the view that women are weak and don't like to get dirty. Do men especially like to get dirty? Or do they just do it because it's expected?

I'm not looking for answers, every situation and person is different and that's the key really. But imagine a society of free individuals not held back by weird stereotypes and pre conceptions.... I think we are still pretty far away from that but it definitely gets better with every generation...

I love watching Super Girl with my kids. She is such a great role model and I love that my kids are growing up with female super heroes that are not sidekicks, not overtly sexual, just strong and powerful. I'm so looking forward to go see the new Wonder Woman movie! There was nothing like that when I was growing up. Back then, Wonder Woman was still a mans idea of a powerful woman but this time around...? I think she's gonna kick some ass!

Friday, 2 June 2017

Networking, Social Media, Ex Pats & Scared Hearts

When I was younger, you know, before the internet happened, I just had friends. We hung out, did stuff, it was all good. Now we have networks. We have compartmentalised groups of friends which we socialise with for specific reasons. Almost all of my human IRL interactions happen in neatly organised networks... I've got my bookclub, my Women's Entrepreneurs Network, I've got my Ex Pats in Sweden network. It is all very neat and tidy. ...
I'm not a robot though, I do have a few friends who I eat cake with, maybe look at art and have non specific chats with... it all works anyway...

One of the networks I belong to is  MamaMötet run by UK blogger in Stockholm Littlebearabroad which is a parents in Stockholm guide to whats on, where to eat, where to shop etc.... All the essential stuff you need to know, but don't know how to find, if you move to Stockholm and don't speak the language. MamaMötet is an evening mixer with informative talks and all very friendly and chilled. I love hearing English spoken by the natives, makes me feel all warm and nice inside.

Another network I belong to is the Scandisysters Collective. We are a bunch of business women who have set up a monthly blogging competition and this month I'm the host! Yep, Van Asch is taking the reins this month, so lets see what these clever bloggers can do with my cushions! I'll be blogging about that  more, later in the month, closer to when the winner gets announced at the end of June.

Now for something completely different... If you have been following my creative journey making a winged heart, my next step was painting the wings gold. I did this with gold metallic acrylic paint and a square ended brush. I didn't use much paint and put it on in very light strokes...

This weekend I'm starting on the heart...
I'm very inspired by the religious sacred hearts from Mexico and tattoo are some of my faves ...
                         This one is from Catbox Art Studio and they do loads of cool day of the dead stuff.

                      Just love this! Would make an excellent tattoo

And this super pretty beaded one is lovely, by artist Laurie Mika

If you want to see more of these lovely things then check out my Hearts Board on Pinterest

Friday, 26 May 2017

Crafty with Concrete

I just caught myself doing something very silly indeed... and I fear that I do this silly thing more often than I would like... I'll explain...
I am working on making something to photograph for my next cushion designs and I wanted to show you how I built what I am going to build. The first step was to paint some concrete angels wings a dark bloody brown. This give s great 3D effect and depth to the gold paint which goes on next. So I paint them, all good, then comes the silliness... I walk around my house looking for a nice spot to photograph them in, just to show this first stage. I walk around for ages, with 2 massive heavy concrete wings looking for a 'pretty spot'.

What nonsense! What time wastage! I didn't paint them on the piano, they are not finished, it's just a work-in-progress picture but I couldn't handle the ugly boring truth and I thought maybe you couldn't either ;-)
But I have underestimated you haven't I? Because here is that actual reality of the situation...
I used acrylic paints and mixed dark brown, black, a little red and a little dark blue with quite a lot of water to get a fairly thin paint so it would get into all the nooks and crannies and actually my kids painted them...

Anyway...that is a very long winded way of telling you that I'll be sharing with you my developments over the next few weeks as I make this thing...

If you like the look of those wings and want to get your own then check out my friend on instagram @concretebynoni

Next stage is building a big heart... I like that sentence, it could be a metaphor... but in this case it is not, I am going to actually build a big heart from papier Maché'll see...
This weekend looks set to be a right crafty one!

Friday, 19 May 2017

Olive Oil, Orange & Rosemary Cake Recipe

I'm mad for cakes but I'm also mad about healthy eating, so any recipes that I can find for 'healthy' cakes, well, I'm all in! What do I mean healthy cakes? Well, if the butter and milk is substituted for olive oil, which gives a very moist and smooth consistency and where most or all of the white sugar is substituted for brown and the recipes doesn't use much. That's about the best we can hope for. I have tried making vegan raw cakes and whilst they are edible, I would not describe them as delicious.

So I saw this recipe in the International New York Times newspaper and the original version of this cake is by top British chef Yotam Ottolenghi but I've tweaked the recipe just a wee bit. And yes, there is an element to this cake that is a bit of a hassle but it is worth doing if you can be bothered...

For the Crystallized Rosemary:
12 small rosemary sprigs. That is the little tops of each sprig
1 egg white lightly whisked
2 teaspoons granulated or superfine sugar.

For the Cake:
2 cups/240 grams all purpose flour
3/4 cup /160 ml extra virgin olive oil
1/2 cup / 120 grams brown sugar
1 tablespoon finely grated orange zest (from 1 large orange)
2 tablespoons of finely chopped rosemary (be careful to only take the leaves, no twigs)
2 large eggs
1/2 cup / 130 grams sour cream 
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt

For the Icing:
2 tablespoons freshly squeezed orange juice
2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice
enough Icing sugar to mix into a smooth and pourable icing

1. Prepare the crystallised rosemary.
use tweezers or similar to pinch the very ends of the little sprigs of rosemary, one at a time. Dip them in the whisked egg white, brush off the excess egg and them dip them into the sugar, making sure they are coated evenly. Put them aside on a plate and allow the crystallising process about 6 hours before you use them.

2. Making the cake.
Heat oven to 170 Degrees C and line the bottom a baking tray with baking paper, around 25 x 20 cm. I usually let the paper go up the sides too. 
Put olive oil, brown sugar (make sure there are no lumps) orange zest and chopped rosemary leaves in the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the whisk attachment. Whisk on medium speed until combined then add the eggs and whisk for another minute until thick. Add the sour cream and mix on low speed for another minute.
Add sifted flour, baking powder and salt to the olive oil mixture and mix for about 1 to 2 minutes.
Scrape the lovely batter into the baking tray and smooth the top with a spatula.
Bake in the oven for about 25 minutes or until a skewer inserted into the middle comes out clean.
Remove from oven and let it stand for 10 minutes before you turn it out onto a board.

TIPS!! If you have a bread board with a groove all around the edge, this is a good idea to use incase you miscalculate the runniness of your icing. Then if it runs off the cake it will catch in the grooves and you can scoop it back up and put it on the cake again. As it dries it hardens so you only need do this for about 5 minutes

3. Making the icing.
Put the juices into a small bowl and begin to add the icing sugar. You will need a surprisingly large amount of the stuff. Just keep mixing until you have a smooth and fairly thick consistency. You want it to run a bit so that it will spread thinly and evenly over the whole cake and down the sides. This icing is intense so it is important that the end result is a very thin layer on the cake, otherwise it will overwhelm.
When the cake is cooled you can drizzle the icing over. Once the icing has hardened you can mark out the cut lines and add a crystallised sprig of rosemary to the centre of each square.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Castles, Customers & Cooking

I've had quite the dynamic week since my last Friday morning blog...

Straight afterwards I popped down to one of my stockists Present Erian. They were having a big party day with lots of offers, free samples, sponsors and stuff. I got to meet some of my customers which was really nice because I don't often get to meet them in person... due to being in my creative cave most of the time and also because I sell to shops and not directly to the public... I don't get to fraternise with the folk nearly enough.

Here is Anette, who owns the store, and yours truly...

And my well stocked Van Asch corner...

I also got to meet Kristoffer who is the friendly face and founder  behind K.Lundqvist, purveyors of gorgeous smelly things. I highly recommend his Black Cashmere scented candles, so luxurious!

Last weekend I discovered Wenngarn castle and I can't tell you how impressed I was with the place.

I didn't really know what to expect because I knew nothing about it other than you could eat cake there... This is enough information for me, so off the whole family went to have a day out, and we were not disappointed. Firstly, there are loads of places to eat, so whether you want proper food or just cakey nibbles, there are several options for both. We ate lunch at the tex mex restaurant, very rustic, super nice food, if a little over priced, then checked out the loppis (flea market). We did a lot of wandering around the grounds with the dog and only went into the actual castle as a bit of an after thought. Well, thank the Goddess we did! It was very warm in there, a welcome respite from the chill outside and the first thing I noticed was the small of cake so we checked out the cute little cafe in there, staffed by the most friendly and informative people then we went to check out the castle proper. What is immediately apparent and rather strange, in a good way, is that this is an 'open' castle. What that means is that you can pretty much go anywhere, do anything (within reason) and there is no-one there watching over you. Seriously, you can sit on the furniture, you could have  picnic up there if you wanted to.

The only rule is no eating or silly nonsense in the chapel... that seems more than reasonable...

It's not the over the top, opulent rococo, 'look but don't touch' vibe of most of the castles I been to, no this is another thing entirely. It's all about the vibe and the vibe is good! On the top floor there was a Yoko Ono wishing  tree which was just lovely, and really funny and also rather touching to read...


I asked the owner of the castle cafe if I could do a photoshoot upstairs and who I should ask about that, she said I could just rock up and do what ever I wanted so long as I was respectful and not annoying anyone... I'm paraphrasing obviously, who says 'rock up'? just me really... anyway, I was very surprised and I will indeed be rocking up there with an armload of cushions to take some photos in the near future..oh yes lovely castle, we will be back!

My last thing to mention is that I cooked the most delicious cake yesterday, a very odd recipe but totally delicious and I'm going to share it with you next Friday... until then... have a wonderful weekend you lovely peeps!

Friday, 5 May 2017

Mindfulness or Mindlessness?

I was having a fretful moment, well I say moment but I really mean day... my mind was like a bees nest or a tangled ball of nonsense. I was feeling anxious and a bit jittery as I was driving along to pick up my daughter from school and thought, I know! This is the perfect time to practice my mindfulness so I concentrated on the moment, felt the steering wheel under my hands, pulled my awareness out from the whirling maelstrom of my inner mind and bought my attention into the moment. I was really enjoying that moment too...until I realized that I had mindfully forgotten to pick up my daughter and driven all the way home! What an idiot! Not really mindful at all! 

So is mindfulness all it's cracked up to be? Well it has a time and a place. Sometimes it is nice to let the mind wander and really become the opposite of mindful. To become lost in a moment of nostalgia or in my case, to visit the inner mind space where I do my designing, or to day dream out the window. All that stuff is brilliant, it can be relaxing, or invigorating or creative. 

But what about planning things and organizing stuff. Deffinitely not  in the mindful zone of the ever present moment. No, there are times to avoid mindfulness, like when you have stuff to do...picking up the kids for example...(she says blushing)

Mindfulness is not a permanent state to strive for, its more like a tool you can use wisely. A perfect example of when I am mindful and it works for me is when I've picked the wrong checkout queue. Instead of getting lost in the angry thoughts of 'why didn't i pick that other queue?' or my general impatience and irritation getting the better of me, I can just think calmly, here I am, I'm warm, not dying or anything, it's pretty ok really... and that calms me right down.

Now is brilliant and we all need to get ourselves more present and awake in the moment, but having said that, it's totally ok to zone out and get lost in your thoughts, unless those thoughts are negative and making you worry or feel depressed. Then you got to pull yourself right into the moment and away from that scary land of ..'what if this horrible thing happens?'... or remembering a horrible thing that has already happened... that's just no use to anyone.

I found myself thinking, in graphic detail, what I would do if my car went off a bridge, into the water, with all the family in it...what exactly would I do? Well I know the answer because I've looked into what to do, because it is this deep irrational fear I have. I think about death a lot, especially since having children... But I suddenly realised that I'd been thinking about that and getting more agitated and running over the scenario again and again...that way lays madness! Pull it right back baby! 

So, my lovelies... have a wonderfully mindful weekend!

Friday, 28 April 2017

Van Asch Designer & Person You Can Say 'Hi' To ;-)

I have had my head down for the last 2 weeks working on my new clothing collection, have not been out nor seen the light of day....ok, that's a bit of a stretch...but I've finally finished all the artwork and this collection is going to be bigger and better than ever before! Of course I can't show you anything at the moment but I'll give you a sneak peak when I get the samples back from the factory...

I've been invited to make a personal appearance at one of my stockists next Friday. That's right! They want me to rock up to the store, hang out and be my fabulous self! :-D well... something like that. They are having a special party day with free tastings and lots of special offers. So if you are in the Vällingby area Friday May 5th come by Presenterian and say 'hi'.

It's weird, but I've been thinking so much about my clothing collection, been so much in my head that I have not had one single thought about what I'm going to do this weekend. I have absolutely no plans...that feels strange!

Maybe I'll get creative? Probably not though, spent 2 weeks being nothing but creative. I mean I must've sewn about 20 garments over the last 2 weeks, testing patterns and so on... No, I don't think I'll be at all creative this weekend....
Well, let's see what unfolds.....

and don't forget to follow me on instagram @vanasch_designs where you can see lots of my creativity, both old and new, and also my 'faffing' pictures, like the one above... I like to do that when I have spare moments....

Friday, 21 April 2017

Creativity & Jogging

Did you wonder what happened to me last Friday? There you were, primed and ready to read my regular Friday blog spot and ...what!!?! No Blog!! Hmmm. Well, I was having the most lazy Easter holiday week imaginable and on that particular day, I had managed to drag my potatoey self off the sofa and drive out to the countryside to spend some more time lounging around on other sofas, eating ridiculously toxic levels of candy... and there was no wifi there, hence no blog.

Actually, I'm feeling a bit bad about the whole thing.. not missing the blog, I know you lot are a lovely forgiving bunch of souls. No, I'm feeling disgusted with myself for the amount of gross chocolate and candy I consumed and the near catatonic levels of laziness.

So I was very pleased to get back home and get the new week started with a nice 4 k run. I read a brilliant article in a recent International New York Times newspaper which said that extensive studies show that jogging is the best type of training for overall health and lengthening life span. And get this.... every hour you spend running gives you 7 hours of extra life! True! Scientists said so! ;-)
That is something to think about when I am running... keep me going.

Something else that gives me huge pleasure, apart from running, is my customers creativity. I love seeing what my customers do with my fabrics and things.
I love this dress by Mimpim Design. They usually make funky baby and kids clothes but I guess Mum decided she wanted some funky stuff too! We love this!
You can check out their instagram @mimpimdesign and they bought our stretchy cotton lycra 'Golden Skulls' fabric from Rosa huset 

 Mostly my fabrics are used for covering furniture and even my cushion covers are sometimes used for that too. BVN Design have done so many great pieces of furniture using our cushion covers...

And here, using our Tropical cushion cover, they even make this years Pantone colour 'Greenery' look cool, and that, my friend, really takes some skills!

And speaking of BVN Design, they have a really great 15% off deal this weekend on all Van Asch chairs, so if you need some fabulous furniture, check them out! 

Have a wonderful weekend you lovely peeps and I'll be back again same time same place next week...

Friday, 7 April 2017

The Van Asch Creative Challenge Entries & Winner!!

A little over a month ago I selected 8 people to take part in a very exciting creative challenge. I gave them each a free meter of our new Luna Gold fabric, with the option to buy, at cost price, any more fabric they might need for their project. I wanted to see what my lovely talented customers, friends and business colleagues could do with this fabric and I have not been disappointed! In fact, judging this competition has been the hardest thing I have had to do, picking a winner, who wins 5 meters of various Van Asch fabrics... well it's been nearly impossible!

Just look at these incredible contestants!

First up is Linda from Liloli. She has managed to make 3 chairs with only 1 meter of fabric!! Amazing!
Beautiful antique finish on that gold scrollwork and interesting fabric combinations.

 You can follow Linda and all her creative upholstery projects on Instagram @liloli_design

 Next up we have upholsterers BVN Design

And I just love that they used every bit of fabric to make 3 pieces, again with only 1 meter of fabric. Very classy! 
 You can follow BVN Design on instagram @mobler_by_bvn or check their website... BVN Design They sell lots of cool stuff on their website, including my cushions and lots of furniture upholstered with my fabrics.

Next up we have a really unusual use of the fabric, something I never thought of and this is exactly why I wanted to do this challenge, to see this kind of thing...

 This headboard is beautifully made by Eva from Tapetseri & Sånt

and with matching pillowcases too! You can follow them on instagram @tapetseri and also check their Facebook page

I'm so thrilled to welcome a UK entry! Kerry from The Joyful Home Company has made this super elegant lampshade and the gold of the inner card really sets off the gold in the fabric design. I really love this and totally want it in my home!

You can  see more fab creativity on their instagram page @thejoyfulhomecompany and there is lots of upholstery inspiration on their website too! 

Next up is Martina from My House in Colour. Martina has made quite a few pieces of furniture from my fabrics and I always love the way she combines pretty with practical. These pieces are very commercial and I can see lots of folks wanting them in their homes.
Love that sofa!! 
You can follow Martina on Instagram @myhouseincolor

Now for something totally different! Clothing! Yep, Anja from Cversatile has made a modern Kimono top from the fabric...
Love the pics! Very striking! 

You can follow Anja and check out her lovely photography and passion for design on her instagram @cversatilesthlm

Next up is our second last entry and I have decided to award a runner up prize for this entry because it combines everything I was looking for, in terms of unusual use of fabric and immaculate finish, and all done with just 1 meter of fabric.
So for Agneta och Karolina from Accenten Tapetseraverkstad, I'm going to send you 2 meters of Van Asch fabrics for you to play with.
Here is their jewellery box footstool to die for!

How cute is that!!!
You can follow them on instagram @accentapetserare and their website

Now... drumroll please........ The winner of the Van Asch creative Challenge and lucky recipient of 5 meters of free fabric is Rina's Art & Design.
Rina in another upholsterer that has used my fabric and cushion covers to make furniture from before, but never anything as ambitious as this.. I mean seriously... it is all going on here! There are 70 swarovski crystals hundreds of strass crystals, pearls, dangly jewels, crystal crosses...I mean this is an art piece. I'm not 100% sure you would want to sit on it because it is covered in crystals but as a stage piece for photoshoots, burlesque performances or millions of other theatrical settings, this would be perfect. It totally has the WOW factor.

and just so you can see how sparkly it is, and all the amazing detail and work that has gone into this piece, here is a short video

It's not the size of this that makes it a winner, its the details. They say 'the devil is in the details' but in this case it's more like 'bring the bling'.

You can follow Rina on her instagram @rinas_art_design and see all her over the top fabulous creations.

So before I go, I want to congratulate you all and applause your creativity. I want to thank you for taking part in this challenge and showing me the unexpected. 

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