Friday, 27 October 2017

Mood Board Inspiration & Sustainability

This week I went to a 2 day business development seminar run by The Swedish Wealth Institute. It was lots of inspirational speakers talking about their journeys and also about strategies to move forward in business. I loved it. I didn't think I would... I thought it would be more cringey and full of hot air...but it was actually very empowering and helpful.

One of the things we had to do beforehand, to prepare, was to make a moodboard. Now I'm no stranger to the moodboard creation, having made one for most of my cushion collections- But this one was going to be very different, because it wasn't just about colours and themes and, I was about my hopes and dreams for the future. About what I think is important and where I want to take my business.

So this is my moodboard...

Yes, it is a triptych... I'm nothing if not ambitious!
Thank goodness my mum is a total magazine hoarder, so I had lots of raw materials to work with...

Moving into 2018 is going to be all about the environment for me. It's going to be about using organic fabrics, campaigning harder for reducing plastic pollution. Making sure everything I do stands for something positive, and in alignment with my principles.

On a personal level, it's about eating healthier, taking time to see my friends and keeping my positive energy up.

The dog represents a sense of humour. I am also a massive dog lover but that is not what this picture represents...

It is about keeping a balance of light hearted, upbeat positivity alongside the serious work that needs to be done to reduce global climate change, reduce plastic pollution and all the other challenges that we face together as a planet.

I'm halfway through doing a course on sustainability, and you can probably tell right?
I'm all about the saving the planet right now...
I'm learning so much and though it is quite distressing, it is also amazing to see what we are capable of both in devastation but also in innovation and compassion.

The thing I realise most deeply is simply that we in the developed world have all had it a bit easy and have become obsessed with comfort and convenience. We want what we want, and we want it now.... And we want it cheap. Well, that is not a recipe for sustainability. It means that if we want to begin to undo the damage we have done, then we all have to make small compromises. Things like buying the slightly more expensive biodegradable dog poo bags instead of the cheap plastic ones (that accidentally fall off your lead and get left in nature to do all those bad things) Or stopping using single use plastic party plates, straws and cutlery. How about just using your own stuff and washing it? Yes a bit less convenient, but that's the point. Ok I totally realise that I'm up on my soapbox right now giving a bit of a lecture...I'll try to get off it now, come back down here and be normal...sorry about that. I just get a bit hot under the collar. This shit is real, and we all need to help fix things. Ok, that's the end of the rant...for today ;-)

So, another funny thing that we had to prepare for the event, was to do this epic personality test to 'find your defining qualities'. They are only positive qualities, so you can't get any bad news ;-) I had to answer about 120 questions and then this answer spewed out..

I think it is pretty much bang on and if you fancy doing it too then click this link I'm not advocating this company or anything, I just did their free questionaire and I think the point of it is that if you know what your defining qualities are then you can do more of that stuff to be happy and play to your strengths, kinda thing.  I do know that I feel nourished by looking at beauty. It can be a museum or it can be a forest, but either way, I come out of the experience feeling a bit like I've had a big yummy meal. A sort of fullness that is hard to explain unless you've felt it too.
And coming in at number 2 is 'creativity' well, that's obvious, just look at my job!

Anyway, that's it from me, I'm off to make a delivery to Folkhemmet in Barkarby, outside Stockholm and then take a nice dog walk in the forest...
Have a wonderful weekend...

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