Friday, 24 November 2017

Decluttering Your Life & More

Hello my lovelies! So I'm a week into making my videos for my new YouTube channel. I've posted up 2 videos already and recorded a third and I have to say that I'm totally LOVING doing it! I thought I would feel self conscious or awkward, but it's quite the opposite! I feel like I'm getting lots of stuff off my chest in a way that's not always possible with the written word. The thing about the written word is that it is much harder to imbue it with subtle humour, but in videos is as easy as giving a funny little look or the rise of an eyebrow.

And there is this other thing...and this is no disrespect to my nearest and dearest, but a lot of the things I want to talk about, my nearest and dearest don't give a damn about. Makes me feel like I've got no-one to talk to about all these important things going on in my head and out in the world. But sharing them in video styleee means hopefully I'll reach people who feel similarly and I can have more of a sense of community about those things... I'm going to be talking a lot about the environment, plastics, vegetarianism, creativity and stuff like that...

The video I've just uploaded to you tube is about decluttering your life and I hope it tickles your fancy... I know I'm a bit silly, I can't help myself...

Also, I've been asked a lot about when the yoga clothing is coming... The printed fabric has just arrived at the sewing factory so I'll keep you updated as I know more... but just know that it is on the way...

Next Friday I'm going to give you some details about entering a Van Asch competition... Gonna be real simple, you just email me the answers to some simple questions and I'll randomly pick out a person... they get some cool free stuff. So more details about the questions and the prize, coming next week...

In the meantime, have a fabulous weekend!

Friday, 17 November 2017

My YouTube Channel & Black Friday

I'm so excited to tell you that I've just started my very own YouTube channel, like what those youngins' do. Actually my kids don't watch any linear TV anymore. It's all about the YouTube and I feel like getting right in there and getting more connected with my friends, fans, customers and what not... That is part of the thing about mostly selling to stores, I never get to meet my customers and I don't feel like a have the depth of relationship with them/you as much as I would like. So that's all about to change!

I'm going to be doing a new video every week about all kinds of different topics and you can watch my intro video here, to get a flavour of what you can expect...

I'm also going to give all you lovely people an awesome half price discount code to use in my web store over Black Friday weekend (Friday 24th November) Yes, you can get 50% off your entire order, right across the whole store for the entire weekend, even up to the end of Monday 27th. Just use code BLACK50 when you check out and your discount will be applied at the checkout.

In the meantime you can check out what's there and plan your Christmas gifts and stuff...
Have a wonderful weekend and feel free to let me know what you think of my video...don't be too mean though...I'm a sensitive artist ;-)

Friday, 10 November 2017

Healthy Skin Boost Challenge Results!

If you read last weeks blog, you will know that my daughter, mum and myself have been on a 7 day challenge, swapping out all  out usual lotions and potions for the Daily Skin Boost organic fresh concoctions.

So here are our collective results....My mum managed to use all the products for only 1 day, couldn't handle the earthy whiff of the Radish Power Boost but carried on with the Night in Heaven oils which smell gorgeous. She didn't put her stuff into the fridge, her toners went bad so she only used them once. Naughty mummy.
My daughter and I both did the 3 different products for 3 days but then we had to stop using the Radish business because it had gone proper smelly. That was a real shame because hands down, it is the best product I have ever put on my skin in terms of the effect. We are talking soft skin, like angels bottom cheeks and glowing with vitality. Marvelous effect but not the nicest smell. They all absolutely have to be kept on the fridge, maybe not the oil so much, and even then they only seem to last a few days, maybe 5 at best.
The toners made my skin feel fresh and clean. The oil is amazing and seems to last much longer than the other things. I will be very sad when my little tester runs out. I've been using it twice a day, ditched my usual moisturiser and have never had such soft and clear skin.

Because they need to be kept in the fridge, you can't chuck them in your gym bag or take them travelling, but like the name suggests, these work as a great boost. Something you can do now and again, maybe in the week before a special occasion or as part of a detox. So long as you understand that, as fresh food for your face, they have a short life span, but whilst they work, they do work wonders.

Have a wonderful weekend you lovely peeps.

Friday, 3 November 2017

When Beauty Really is Skin Deep

Getting food on your face is not the done thing in polite society but what about food FOR your face? Well that's another matter entirely! We eat and drink all kinds of healthy things for the inside our bodies, but what about the outside? Skin is the biggest organ of the body so how about giving it the nourishment it deserves...

I was very lucky to get my hands on some samples from a brand new company based in Stockholm called Daily Skin Boost. What really got me interested in this company in the first place was their company ethos. They are all about sustainability, locally produced ingredients with no chemicals, no preservatives and no plastics (apart from the lids on the glass bottles of course). We like that!

But these are not the usual 'lotions and potions' style of skin care, this is more like food for the face.. nourishing, full of antioxidants and other good stuff.

Now why did I get 3 sets of samples? Because I've got my 14 year old daughter and my mum to get in on the weekly challenge too. We are going to ditch all our usual face creams and stuff, and just use these daily skin boosts for a whole week to see what happens to our skin.

So don't forget to check back next Friday for the results! In the meantime, have a lovely weekend and take care of yourselves.... and your skin!