Friday, 19 September 2014

Trends & Style Picks from Top Drawer tradeshow

I've just got back from UK and my launch at Top Drawer London. It has been an amazing few days meeting great people, lots of new shops discovering Van Asch and being inspired by the seminars I went to and the cool stuff I saw.

So let's get started with a wee pic of me on Day 1

I loved the smells on the Heyland & Whittle stand, just around the corner from me, and bought some fantastic smelling sandalwood and oud oil with rattan reeds. The oil is really strong so I suggest using just 1 at a time.

When I used to have a shop, years ago in Gamla Stan Stockholm, I used to sell lots of stuff from the next company and I'm pleased to see them still going strong. Lunn Antiques make gorgeous vintage bed wear and I did make off with this lovely silky morning robe!

This next item didn't quite make it back to my wardrobe, apart from the fact that is was made for  a very very tall person, it was also eye wateringly expensive... Doesn't change the fact that it might just be one of the most beautiful dresses I've ever seen, well done Michal Negrin.
And this one was pretty pretty too...

Day 2 with an outfit change of course, here is Isabelle and I wearing our matching Ester Elenore chiffon outfits and lots of blingy jewels from Rock By Sweden.

I was too busy on the first day to look around but during the first hour on Monday I had the chance to unearth some treasures... Silver Service did a range of sterling silver and brass jewellery, really rock n roll, lots of hearts, wings, skulls, guns, deer heads, so gorgeous I had to get some bits!

So what about the trends then? There are still too many fabric owls out there, naive cute fabric owls, you know the ones...they are everywhere, they are taking over. It should stop. They were cute once, now it's just sinister...

Lots of animal things, especially deers and dogs...still deers and dogs...this is not new, but clearly everyone likes them a lot there's plenty about. I like deers and dogs so it's all good.

Day 3, the last day and I got to meet Tracy D! Tracy is the fabulous tattooist that drew the beautiful designs I incorporated into my latest collection. She was so lovely...and tall.... Even in my silly platforms I'm still a shortarse compared...anyway, she was lovely and I'm going to get a nice big tattoo on my bodily person by her very talented self. The Tracy D collection will be available to buy online soon....

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