Friday, 8 December 2017

Making it All Count. Happiness, Gifts & Bags

Recently I changed gyms and in my new gym, I discovered, I can watch YouTube whilst I'm on the cross trainer. So I did what any normal person would do and watched funny animal videos to while away the time... (cross trainers are very boring!) But then I realised that instead of wasting my time watching funny kittens, I could actually be learning something. So yesterday I watched videos about recycling and waste management, yeah, I know you think that's weird, but I'm really into environmental stuff and I want to know how everything works. Today I watched an amazing video, a Ted talks about finding yourself, kinda... It's a total recommend so I'm posting it in here, try to watch it if you can, it will make you feel good...

Also, because it is that special time of the year when everyone goes mad and buys stuff like crazy, I thought I'd share with you my top gift ideas, and hope that my kids don't see this coz that will totally ruin their surprises! (I'm not too worried about that because they couldn't be less interested in my blog!)

So first up is cool gifts for girls:

Because my youngest daughter likes doing stuff with her hands all the time, this is perfect for her...Beautiful Fidget Cube
There are loads of these out there to choose from, I would've liked a wooden one really but I really liked the look of this one.

My eldest daughter and I did a week long all natural cosmetics challenge a month or so ago  (you can read all about it here) and she really got into them, so this Neals Yard book Make Your Own Cosmetics should be right on target for her... Plus it is something she can do, other than be on her phone the whole time.... You mums, you know what I mean!

Cool gifts for boys:

Well I honestly don't know any...boys I mean, we don't have any in our family, but I did think this was kinda cool...Infinity Fidget Cube

I don't really like the whole idea of girls gifts and boys gifts but if you happen to be the wrangler/parent of these types of creatures, you'll know that they really do seem to want different things. So please forgive my gender separation here...

Gifts for Mums, Sisters etc:

I just fell in love with these black Lion candle holders, for the person who has everything and likes nice stuff for the home...
You can get them here

So those are some of my fave little things I found on the internet...

Lastly, if you didn't see last weeks blog, it was all the details to enter into a competition to win one of these bags:

So check last weeks entry for the details... AND because I love giving things away so much, I've decided that I'll give 5 runners up a free mirror compact for their handbag... so that's even more chances to WIN cool stuff !!!!

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