Saturday, 30 March 2013

Boho Bathrooms

Okay so I've done a post about boho bathrooms in my old blog which you can find by trawling through this... I had to stop it because it was a total disorganised mess, no lists or searchable what know I love a list! Hence this new more bloggy like blog. And, although I do so hate to repeat myself, these are some treats worth repeating! Plus I've discovered some more little gems since that post. So here are a selection of wonderful bohemian bathrooms and I hope they inspire you!

I just love the silver bird wallpaper in this picture...

I can't tell what colour the walls are but I'm hoping they are a really dark aubergine or something daring and interesting like that, and teamed up with the bright coloured chair is just perfect.

This bathroom is actually too amazing to be viewed by the naked eye, hence the clever use of 'seen only in the reflection of the mirror', don't look too long...

This has been my obsession for months now, navy blue walls in the bathroom, oh yeah! I wish I could but mine is tiled top to bottom with white tiles...urgh! How dull. Saving this idea for the next house ;-)

Gorgeous glorious golden walls...

Classy and modern with a deffinite boho twist and just check that copper bath!

Very exotic things going on here, fab sink!

This looks like a room that was never designed to be a bathroom but some free thinking radical loon just went 'why the hell not?' It's all about the wall here, what a lovely lot of muted colours together.

This bathroom is one of the easiest to recreate I think, it's just a few key pieces to get the right look, the antique mirror and little chest of drawers plus a nice shaped bath and you have it!

Friday, 29 March 2013

What to do with Antique Typewriters

So...I was having a think, since my post yesterday about Ampthill Antiques Emporium, about what to do with those wonderful old typewriters and I've got a few ideas.... but first let me just refresh your knowingness about how truly beautiful, and quite frankly weird, these old beauties can be...

Here is a selection from Martin Howard who collects and refurbishes these delicious things and if you want to see lots more do check his website Antique Typewriters

and yes, they really are typewriters of some sort

But what can you do with them if you don't like the 'slung in a corner gathering dust' look?
Well, How about building robots out of them? Check the work of upcycle artist Gabriel Dishaw

Or these Robots by Jeremy Mayer  Apparently he disassembles old typewriters and puts them back together without welding or glue.

Okay so enough robots already, what about using the keys for a subtle steampunk wedding bouquet? 

And then of course we have the jewellery and there is LOTS of wonderful stuff so here's some things from Kirsten of Sophia's Decor on Etsy

Anne Jansen, an artist hailing from Marthasville in America creates beautiful pieces like this...

Finally what about plants? Yep, shove some earth in and some artfully arranged greenery and lo and behold...

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Picnic glasses at Folkhemmet

I was dropping off LOTS of my cushions at one of my favorite shops today called Folkhemmet. They have some great plastic picnic glasses I just had to share with you, the picnic season is not quite upon us yet but no harm in getting prepared!

Plus lots of fantastic furniture and of course masses of my cushions and wall art at

The Wonderful Ampthill Antiques Emporium

Whilst I was in England over the weekend my friend took me into the most fabulous old Victorian antiques shoppe. It was over 3 or more floors, I rather lost count as it was so huge and so stuffed with exciting things. There were some fantastic bargains to be had, especially with the big piece of furniture. Here are a few snaps of the place...

Everything was packed from floor to ceiling and every nook crammed with some bit of old gubbins.

 I love the look of old typewriters but what to do with them??

This huge  skull was larger than life size and about 95 quid if I remember right...
 There's a whole part of the shop that still has all the old Victorian shop fittings and mirrors, it's gorgeous!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

My first new Blog

Well I'm back from my exciting trip to England and I'll post up some great pics tomorrow from a fabulous antiques shop I visited but in the meantime, I'm all twittering google +ing and this, my brand new blog. I'm so social media'd up to my eyeballs that it's all a bit confusing but hold my hand and we'll get there...