Thursday, 22 January 2015

Balloons & Biplanes. Aviation in fashion & Interiors

You know I'm a bit of a steampunk fan, love the quirky industrial Victorian thing and especially the hotair balloons and biplanes... Okay, I really love cogs and clocks too but we will have to take that obsession  another time because today we take flight, away from all the mecanistic workings and earthbound concerns... Today we are on a flight of fancy, up in the clouds...which is, incidentally, where many of my old teachers said my head was.
So here are some of our top picks at Van Asch of all things gloriously aviational.

Air Balloon Chandelier, $4500 from yes please!

Love these bonkers designs...Whimsical Notecards, $24 from PaintedByRene on

 Dream On art print by Christian Schloe, $24 on combines my love of balloons and 

These Hot Air Balloon Light Bulbs, designed by Balloonatics Enterprises (found are so lovely.

Ok, where do you put your stuff? This is a bit silly but just has to show you! Flight Of Fancy Balloon Clutch, Aladdin Pink, Kate Spade New York, $398

Get that Amelia Earhart look with this Burberry Shearling Jacket. 

I did a Flights of Fancy range a while back and one of the cushions had such a cool reverse side ...

Aren't they cute? Lindbergh Aviation Clocks, set of 2, found on

Or how about getting that aviation vibe in the home? Check these out...

And some more cute things for the home... Vintage Airplane Bookends, $52 on

Steampunk Airplane Propeller Ring, $25,99 by GlazedBlackCherry on

And I leave you with this just because it is all kinds of good...Steampunk female aviator...let's go on an adventure!!!