Friday, 8 January 2016

2016 The Start of the New Year

Hello my lovelies! Whilst this is usually a quiet time, chilling after the Christmas and New Years blow outs, it's actually one of the most busy times of year for me. I'm super busy in the run up to Formex, Scandinavia's biggest interiors and gifts tradeshow, which opens between 20th - 23rd January.
Thing is though, I've been doing these events for so many years now that I have next to no stress about it, mostly just excitement combined with methodical preparations.
I've also been building some display stands for jewellery and handbags. I would have to describe my carpentery style as punk rock. I never measure anything, and just have a heap of power tools which I grab, seemingly randomly, as the need arises...well, with a bit of wood filler and a lot of positive energy, I'm done with all that now and feel quite pleased with the results,. You'll see pics when they are all painted and on my stand.

Here is the front cover of my new wholesale catalogue...

The new collections reflect where I am in my life... so the feeling is all about crystals and nature, mindfulness and meditation. Don't worry, I'm not turning into a big woolly hippy! (I've always been one, in disguise ;-) Seriously though, I'm sick of the news, all the conflict, the climate change issues, all the suffering and war. I want to make a difference and to spread positivity and tolerance, in my own small way. And 2016 will be about action for me, not words. Helping where I can, supporting those who need it. Spreading love type stuff around. That kinda thing.