Friday, 18 December 2015

Sneaky Look at Jewellery...What's New for 2016!!!

So this is a bit of a naughty post, a spoiler if you will... I'm launching a range of boho gorgeous jewellery in 2016, officially at Formex in January, but you lucky folks get to have sneak look first!

You know how much I love steer skulls, well, I wanted to do jewellery with them on too so I've combined them with amethyst and turquoise to create wearable bits of funky gorgeousness..or something like that... Anyway, they will be up on the webshop at the end of January to buy.
Have a wonderful Christmas you lovely peeps and I'll be back blogging in the new year.

Friday, 11 December 2015

Boho Photoshoots & Love Amongst Ruins

So, you know I missed my last Fridays blog because I was busy doing a photoshoot with the very talented Janice Issitt who is a photographer I work with a lot and a mate from way back...Well here is some stuff from that photoshoot

Here is one of her pics of our Silver Steer cushion...

Do you recognise the dreamcatcher? It's the one I made a couple of friday's ago, as a prop, for exactly this photoshoot. Check out the blog post if you want to see how I made it, so you can make one too.

We were at BVN Designs studio photographing their chairs with my fabrics on and a bunch of new exciting stuff launching early next year...

I promised I would show you a picture of the flares I made with my new stretchy Edwardian Gothic fabric, so here I am, and I'm modelling the new Pearls & lace cross body bag which I've now added to the Van Asch web shop.

I'm really looking forward to this weekend, the last couple of weeks have been very busy, with photoshoots, big deliveries, masses of orders going out and lots of pressure... plus I'm feeling especially fragile today due to the fact that I went out drinking last night, watching a fab band called Love Amongst Ruin play an acoustic set down at Motel L's Thursdays in Suburbia. Only had 4 hours sleep last night. Really looking forward to having a night in with my lovely little girls eating whatever we want and watching loads of excellently crap TV.
Have a lovely weekend...
And if you like it moody, dark and beautiful, then here is a lovely song and video by the aforementioned