Thursday, 20 December 2018

A Huge Thank You to All My Customers!

I haven't done a blog in ages, been too busy learning how to do upholstery and painting like a crazy person, not to mention everything that goes along with running Van Asch... But I just wanted to take a moment and say a massive 'Thank You to everyone you bought something through my Van Asch webshop this year. Together with Framtidsjorden we have managed to generate nearly 20 000:- this year (nearly €2000) in donations for the charity CIRHEP in India... and that was possible because of all my lovely customers.

Through the orders that you make, we take 5% and we give that money to CIRHEP who invest in women's empowerment programs and financing for starting organic farming businesses.

You can read more about what CIRHEP do here...

But just to give you an idea how far that money has gone... €2000 is enough to start 40 women up in business... or buy 3 solar panels with batteries or 3 computers and printers and office supplies.... or 8 water purifying systems.

And it wouldn't have been possible all my lovely customers!