Monday, 8 December 2014

Shopping for Weird Props

My friend Janice is over from the UK at the moment, we are going to Lapland to see the northern lights and go husky sledding tomorrow. But, before all the happens, we have have just been doing some shopping for props for photoshoots.
We went to Stadmission second hand shop which always has a great selection of weirdness...
let me introduce you to the ugliest doll I have ever seen!...

Needless to say, I didn't buy that! But I did buy this doll. You never know when you might need a bit of retro creepiness for your photo-shoot...

I also saw a pair a fab boots, just had to have these. I don't normally buy secondhand shoes but these had hardly been worn and were a perfect fit, just had to!

One of the cute things about Stadsmission is that, as charity shops go, it's pretty swanky, no smell of wee, and if all the shopping gets too much you can have a quick 'fika' (coffee and cake break) in the tea rooms...very civilised.

We saw some great furniture, needed to be recovered ofcourse, but look at that carving!

Janice takes the pics for my catalogues amongst other things, she is also a great interior stylist and has a 9 page spread and front cover on the January 2015 UK magazine Homes & Antiques, which just so happens to feature one of my cushions...

More from me when I get back from up north!

Friday, 5 December 2014

For all Dog Lovers...My very handsome Dog Mr Boycie

I am a dog lover, and if it was up to me, my house would be full of them, and a bunch of other furry wee fellows. But, half my family are allergic to most animals so I have to content myself with my darling Mr Boycie...for now... though I'm thinking about getting a wee pig...little snuffly pig! What's not to love?
Did you know that when I was growing up, in a family of animal lovers, we owned 3 dogs, 3 cats, a horse, 5 chickens, 25 ducks, a rabbit, 2 sheep, 2 ferrets and a possum. Yes, it was a right old zoo and I loved it so much.

I have a lot to thank my dog for. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't do hardly any exercise but he gets be out of the house and moving. Thanks to those walks I've developed a much deeper love of nature and my own neighbourhood. He makes me feel safe at work. And his ears are like velvet, which is a bonus.

My dog delights me everyday, makes me laugh...makes me shout too, because he can be a right little naughty!
He loves attention, even being made to look like a right idiot by my daughters... I once came into my bedroom to discover this...

I think he looks rather pleased with himself!
Anyway, I had to immortalise him in a design and my Mr Boycie cushion has been one of my best seller.

I'm going to get a tattoo by the very talented Tracy D working out of Kings Cross Tattoo and I think I might have Mr Boycie, along with a bunch of other steampunk nonsense... I'll keep you posted on that....