Thursday, 14 November 2013

Neo Victorian in London

I've always had a thing for the Neo Victorian look and remember, rather indulgently, how I used to go about my business in a top hat, black velvet opera coat and silver topped cane back in the early 90's. Thank goodness I can't find any photos! Anyway, I was recently in England on an inspiration gathering mission and noticed how the passions I have had for decades are in evident abundance in the decoration of shops and businesses all over London. How Dalston Highstreet has changed since I moved away from London 7 years ago. It used to be a right hovel, apologies to the locals, but now it is a bohemian paradise... with a dash of hovel.  First stop on Dalston High street is Pelicans & Parrots which is a veritable cornucopia of curiosa. Basically a lot of old weird cool shit. Excellent!

Next stop on the Dalston High Street is a hair dressers called Blue Tit which do amazing colour apparently. I didn't have time to get my hair done, only to take these quick snaps, but if their taste in interior decoration is anything to go by, I'd put my hair in their hands...

Please excuse the rubbish picture but do take note of the delicious vegan chocolate cake from Harvest across the road. A huge fully organic and vegan supermarket /cafe.... super yummy...

Then I had to leave the delights of Dalston and go to the Victoria & Albert Museum where I saw this and was quite impressed by it... from the history of theatre exhibition.

I finally ended up in Norfolk at a crazy party... still doing my Neo Victorian thing....pictured here with the beautiful Ms Rabbitt from Rasp Thorne & the Briars. Photo by Nick Mann Photography