Friday, 15 December 2017

Motivation & Positivity.

You know that saying 'when God closes the door, he opens a window'? I love that phrase and I'm not even one bit religious. I just really like the idea that there can be seeds of opportunity in adversity, if you are open to the possibility.

So as you might already know, I changed gyms recently. It because I was so devastated when the physiotherapist told me that I had to stop running, that I needed to do something differently and at the new gym, there was a sauna, so I thought that at least if I can't run, I can still have a nice sauna to reward myself after a workout.

I used to love running on the treadmill. It kept me fit, released happy chemicals in the brain box and allowed me time to let my mind wander creatively. So when I was told that that was it for running, if not for ever, then certainly for a very long time, you can imagine I was gutted.

It helped going to the nicer new gym, with the sauna, but what really has made the biggest difference is that the cross trainers at this gym are equipped with youTube. Now I'm so looking forward to going to the gym every morning because today I'm going to learn something new and start the day with a powerful positivity. This situation is an upgrade! So the door might have closed on running but the window is wide open and the possibilities are endless!

This is the video I watched today and it is really great...

Another reason that I'm super excited is that I'm about to relaunch my website. It should be up and running by next week. We have partnered with an NGO in Tamil Nadu India so that 5% of everything we sell on our web shop will go to invest in lifting women out of poverty by setting them up as organic micro farmers and I'll tell you all about that next week... I can't tell you how excited I am about it!

Lastly, if you have missed that I've got myself a youTube channel then please go check it out. The latest video is about transitioning from one diet to another. I don't mean diet as in weight loss, I mean diet as in Vegan or Vegetarian etc... It can be a difficult process and not everyone can just change over night, so if that describes you, or you are thinking more about what you eat, then check it out...

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