Monday, 30 May 2016

Apologies & Flying Caterpillars

I always do my blog on a Friday afternoon, I kind of review my week a bit and it feels like the right time to do it, but sometimes I can't and then it is just a void, so sorry, I was travelling down to Helsingborg on Friday so I couldn't post anything. I feel a wee bit bad about it so I'm going to show you a video I made of this worm whilst I was there,  to make things all good again... Ok, I maybe overstating it a bit here, but this is quite a special worm, you may even like my spur of the moment poetry too...oh, and check out the face of the tree!! He looks even more amazed than I was!

Next Friday I will be on a plane so I'll do my blog on Thursday instead....

Friday, 20 May 2016

Eurovision, AirBnB & Baking Tins

I have been galavanting all over the place with my friend Janice who is a photographer blogger and stylist  from the UK. She was over to give a talk about social media and also to shoot the front cover of my Autumn/winter 2016 catalogue..but more about that later...

I am making up for last weeks missed blog, this one is a right juicy number, so take a deep breath, gird your loins...whatever that means..? Here we go...

Janice decided that she wanted to see a bit more of Sweden on this visit so she booked us, that is me, my girls and silly Mr Boycie the dog, into an AirBnB in the middle of nowhere, between Uppsala and Sigtuna. I've never stayed in an AirBnB before so I didn't know what to expect. I liked that they would take the dog, I liked that it was super cheap but it was a devil to find.
Anyway, the little cottage was super cute, if a little musty smelling. We had a bit of a drama with the TV. We were anticipating watching the Eurovision song contest but we couldn't get it to tune in and even with the tinkering of the owners, they were unable to make the TV work, so they bought in their sons laptop and speaker. They only got that set up to work 3 minutes before it started, a very nail biting 3 minutes I can tell you! We are huge Eurovision fans in our household and some of the younger members of the entourage were close to tears at this point!  Watching it on a tiny screen, huddled together, with the speaker deciding to turn itself off every 15 minutes wasn't exactly what we were expecting but it ended up being rather cozy anyway.

Just as the last song finished, the parental controls kicked in and told us that there was no more 'surf time' so we had to watch the results on the iPad, an even tinier screen! All of us peering at the thing, trying to read the results...thankfully aforementioned younger members had fallen asleep so we kind of managed anyway. I was super happy that Ukraine won, I really loved that song and happy that Australia came second too. Still not sure what they are doing in the competition but ...whatever...

The grounds around the cottage were super beautiful and perfect for taking the dog for a walk, I say walk but I mean tug and yank, as that is how he likes it. I'm not to keen on having my arm half yanked off every time he thinks he's spotted a rabbit, but no amount of training has curbed his enthusiasm, so I just stay vigilant.

The cottage was also a stones throw from a rather magnificent looking place called Wik castle

Inside the cottage, I spotted a lovely idea, they had used old miniature baking tins as curtain decorations. I thought it is a really simple and super easy to do little crafty idea...

 I love those little baking tins, never baked with them though, I have used them before, to make a mandala...for no good reason, I just like faffing around arranging things. I like doing that a great deal more than cooking I can say!

We also visited a lot of loppis, antique markets and stuff and I bought more silly nonsense to use as props in my photoshoots... which leads me on nicely to Janices last day and our photoshoot for the next catalogue. I can't show too much or that would be giving the game away  but here is a little snap to give you the feel...

You can see the new Ibiza Dreamcatcher cushion in the background (also pictured below) and that one is now available to buy, should you feel the need for a bit of summery fresh bright boho loveliness on your sofa!

Now I've got masses of work to catch up on so have a great weekend and I'll be back with more blithering and nonsense next week!

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Naughty missing blog might be your best new discovery

I usually post on my blog every Friday afternoon, but yesterday I was in town with my friend Janice, blogger and style maven the UK, so I didn't get a chance, now we are off to discover more things together... I'll blog about it all next Friday but in the mean time you can check out her blog because it is fantastic...

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Clever Ideas for Upcycled Drawers

I love old things, I love re-using things, I love painting things and I really love clever ideas... So this is a feast of goodness right here.... Is it time to take another look at that crappy old chest of drawers you keep meaning to throw away, but still kinda need because it houses your socks and pants or whatever? I think it is....I could show you a million pictures of fabulously painted chests of drawers, because, Goddess knows, there really is a lot of it out there....
Ok, I just had to add one pretty painted thing, but no, that's not where we are going today... 
now check out these for some brilliant ideas...

 If your princess pooch requires a more elegant feeding station, and one you can discreetly close, and keep all the stinky dog food shut away, well, that is a 100% brilliant idea right there!

And, if you remove and drawers for some reason in your splendid renovations, well, it's a doggie bed!

I like these rather boho seats, especially the ones that integrate a side table, once it would've been good for a telephone table but I think my family are like the only humans left with a land line! Still, it is nice to at least sit when you are talking on the phone ;-)

Or a kitchen work station?

Or a fab way to store your shoes in the hallway?
You can get full instructions on how to do it here

But my personal favourite are these glamorous bunny hutches. What a fabulous idea!

Hmmm...I feel a weekend project coming on!