Friday, 1 December 2017

Van Asch Competition Time!

Hello my lovelies!
I want to get to know my customers a bit more and I thought a quiz could be a fun way to find out more about you... I would love to ask you all a hundred questions but I fear I might tax your patience ;-)

So, just by answering some simple questions you could win a brand new handbag worth €72!

Yes, you can choose which one of these you fancy...and just maybe you might win it!

All you have to do is email me with the answers to these 10 simple questions:

  1. What are your 2 favourite online clothing shops? (not including Van Asch)

  2. What are your 2 favourite online stores for interiors accessories?

  3. What are your 2 favourite physical stores for new clothing?

  4. What are you 2 favourite physical stores when buying stuff for the home?

  5. Do you go to the gym or do yoga?

  6. Do you have any tattoos? If yes, do you have just a wee one, several, or heavily tattooed?

  7. Have you seen my blog or watched my videos on YouTube?

  8. Do you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest?

  9. What main colours do you have in your living room?

  10. If you had to pick 1 word that best describes you, would it be: Lighthearted, sincere, outgoing, quiet, creative, pragmatic.. something else?

Lastly, which bag would you choose if you won?

email me:   with your answers and I'll randomly pick a winner on December 22nd

I'll add your email address to my special customer list too so that you will get special offers and updates (nothing spammy I assure you, I'm too lazy to send out newsletters more than a couple of times a year! :-D so don't worry about that, and you can unsubscribe with a click, any time you like)

And, if you do feel like indulging me, I would love to know what country you live in and anything else you think is important to you, like if you are an animal lover, a vegetarian, or whatever it might be, I'm curious...a bit nosey too if I'm honest ;-)  But you don't have to do any of that for the competition...just the 10 main questions will do it :-) And good luck!

I've made a new video too which is up on my YouTube channel now... If you fancy watching me have a bit of a rant about the environment...

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