Friday, 2 September 2016

Formex Autumn/Winter 2016 Trends in Interiors & Even Celebrities!

Well I promised you a bumper blog, to make up for my lack last Friday, due to being at Formex, and I'm gonna deliver! Yes! We are talking celebrities, boobs and perhaps a bit of interior trends...
So for anyone that doesn't have a clue what I'm talking about, Formex is the biggest trade show for Gifts and Interiors in Scandinavia and I have a stand there, twice a year. I've been doing it for years and it is a great way to get a sneek peek at the up coming trends...but before that, I promised you celebrities, so here is me and Ann Wilson, judge from Sweden's Let's Dance TV show. I'm not normally one for these things, it's all a bit low brow ;-) you. know, going on about who you know and who you've met etc... but she was super nice, popped by the stand to say 'hi' to my mate... and the pic came out quite well, excuse my vampire teeth...

Right across from me was a very nicely decorated little stand for TV interior designer Lulu Carter. Very boho gorgeous. She was launching her collections exclusively for Royal Design, and I gotta say, I liked them, I don't normally say that about other designers cushions... Plus there were really cool little props and stuff. You could see that this was a stand for the press to take pictures, not to take orders. Because it is exclusively sold in Royal Design, it wasn't possible to order anything there, which is kinda weird, but anyway, the casually flung surfboards and boho tasselled accessories looked lovely, and gave it a nice vibe.

The stand that really got me chortling was the Jonathan Adler stand. So funny. I mean I loved the overall look of the stand but upon close inspection, everything was covered in boobs!

Ok, not everything, but a lot of things! I didn't think it was funny in a British 'oh er missus...tits and bums' kind of way. Just that some designers will do almost anything to get the wow factor even it is just incredulity, disbelief or shock. Just seems silly to me. I've nothing against the boob...have two of them myself, but I don't fancy a vase of them. Also, I've always had a bit of a 'thing' about bumpy things....(shiver)

 There were mouths and faces too. Didn't like them either but I did like the white and gold circle vase

This is a picture of a corner of my stand..

 And I'm going to leave you with my impression... going back some years now there was a huge fad for Flamingos, then it was cheese plant leaves and Pineapples then it was octopus and it is Parrots (and boobs). I've seen so many Parrot statues and things with parrots on them...mark my's Parrot time and combined with the fact that the whole botanical thing is still going really strong, and even still loads of pineapples out there... put them all together and it's getting seriously tropical baby!

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