Thursday, 29 September 2016

Van Asch Campaign for the Orphans of Syria

I read a post on one of the Facebook groups I belong to and it got me thinking... the gist of it was '....There is so much suffering in Syria and specifically Aleppo, right now, What can I do to help?...'
Well, as a mother, a humanitarian and a cushion designer, this is what I can do to help...
I'm launching a campaign to donate 100% of the profits on sales of my 'Make Peace not War' cushion collection, via my web shop,  from now until Christmas for the orphans of Aleppo.
If you want to help feed and clothe these poor little children and help provide them with medicine and shelter then know that 100% of the money you spend on these cushions will go directly to these most vulnerable children (after the basic cost of manufacture & postage has been deducted).
I don't make any money on these and the money I collect will go through the world recognised charity SOS Childrens Villages. So if you want to do something to help and get a fabulous cushion or 2 at the same time then please order now.

Here is the link that will take you to the Square Peace cushion...

And here is the link for the long No Guns cushion

If you want to read more about the kind of amazing work being done  for the orphans in Aleppo right now then check out this article

If you don't fancy a cushion and just want to donate money directly then here is a link 

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