Friday, 16 September 2016

The Scandisysters Collective, Women Bloggers & Entrepreneurs

I want to tell you all about this fabulous initiative that myself and some friends of mine have set up...a few months ago my friend and fab UK blogger Janice Issitt came over to Sweden to give a talk about social media to a networked group of women that I am a member of, and she also gave us a great idea...That we could band together to form a collective, do monthly blogging competitions and generally be there to support each other and to extend that support to the wider community of female bloggers, artists, designers and entrepreneurs ... So, we set up a Facebook page to promote fun blogs we find and nice photos and artwork by women from all over the place...

Pic by Janice Issitt

plus we set up an instagram account @scandisysters where we feature nice pics with the hashtag #scandisysters

If you fancy joining in the fun then use #scandisysters  on Instagram or if you know a really great blog you would love to share then copy in a link to the Facebook page so we can all check it out!

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