Saturday, 20 August 2016

Rock & Roll Carpentry & Fabulous Posters

I usually blog every Friday afternoon but had to miss this Friday because I was loading up a truck with all my goodies for Formex. That is Scandinavias biggest interiors and gifts trade show. I've been doing it for about 8 years and it starts on Wednesday so I had lots to do. Not least because I decided on a last minute stand display idea the day before load in. The result of that last minute decision meant lots of painting and rock n roll carpentry. When I say 'Rock & Roll' carpentry, what I mean is shoddy rubbish hasty bashing together of bits of wood, filling in all the obvious gaps and cracks with chemical wood filler and hoping that the result will be acceptable. There is some measuring going on, but not much. It's too boring. Same reason I was always really bad at making curtains.... Anyway, I digress... I hope it will all look good after the final paint job.
I am starting to get quite excited about the show now as I love launching my new cushion and fabric designs but I also have a new product, posters. I only decided to get them made last week, also another last minute decision, so was very happy to get delivery on Thursday and they look super!
Here is one of the designs and there will be lots more and bigger sizes too...

I won't be blogging next Friday because I'll be at Formex but I'll do a bumper one the following week with all my top picks from the show and a recap of the  trends as I see them....

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