Friday, 15 April 2016

Sacred Hearts, Mosaic, Skulls & Crafty Business

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am at my most happy and contented when I am making things with my hands. In Sweden, we have a word that describes doing crafty stuff which is 'pussel' Is that spelt right? I don't even know, as I've had no cause to write it ever, but our family says it almost every day. Unsurprisingly, my whole family is mad for making things, or painting or whatever. I call it 'make makey' as I am nearly as fond of fiddling with the English language as I am fiddling with stuff... Anyway, I had a couple of polystyrene hearts knocking about that I bought from Panduro for 15:- (super cheap) and I wanted to do fancy things with them.

The girls and I did some painting in glass bottles, and I got my youngest to help me paint my new Van Asch letters that I got from Bara Bokstaver whilst I got on with the business of playing with hearts ;-)

 I had a good experience making a mosaic skull a few years back which I turned into a cushion design....

And this is the cushion design it became...
You can buy it Here
So I used the same type of little mosaic tiles and broken china to make this...

I was very happy how it turned out but wanted to do something quite different with the other heart. I had lots of tiny bits of braids and ribbons left over from making cushions because I just can't throw anything away, but what can you do with a 10 cm bit of gold braid? Not much usually, so this was a perfect way to use up a few of those old bits and bobs

I made the wings out of wire and sewed on some cream netting and mounted it on an old broken candlestick.

I have a thing for hearts, I've used them a lot in my cushion designs...

You can buy it Here

well, you can't have enough love right? So here's to hearts and love and warmth and kindness. Wishing you all lots of that stuff this weekend and if you want to see more hearty stuff then follow my Pinterest board Hearts.

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