Friday, 1 April 2016

Edwardian Gothic

Whilst I was out in the countryside for my Easter holiday, we drove past a lovely old church and clock tower, which got me thinking about one of my very first fabric designs called 'Edwardian Gothic'. That is because I used pictures of that very same church and clock tower in it!

Can you spot them?

It's a bit hard to see the clock tower, so here is another angle...

My customers have done some really lovely things with this fabric...just look at these chairs at the Dream Valley conference centre in Västerås 

Here it is teamed up with black and little colour pops, by Rina Kindberg. 
check her instagram feed for loads of statement up-cycled furniture @rinas_art_design

And for something completely different, draped as part of a display...

The pattern was so popular that I decided to make huge scarf / wrap thingies too and who knows, maybe one day it might even become a wall paper???

If you have made something with my fabric then please email pics to for a chance to have them featured in one of my blogs or # us on instagram @vanasch_designs

Even if you're not feeling too crafty this weekend, and don't fancy giving your old furniture a make over, just remember that anything can become inspiration... who knew that pictures of those old buildings would become an integral part to my most popular fabric design ever?
Not me, that's for sure!

And if you feel like you need some of that lovely fabric for a project of your own then here's a link right to it!

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