Friday, 8 April 2016

Funky Florals

I've always loved floral patterns and even in my most bonkers rock n roll phases of life, I have still loved flowery patterns.
They don't have to be boring and old fashioned, they can be funky as hell!

Check out these hand painted leather jackets by Rococoleathers

Then for the next level up in price and deliciousness, check out the Gucci version

It's weird how we never tire of the beauty of flowers. We fickle humans seem to get bored of everything after a while, crave new technology, upgrades, looking at things we have never seen before, but nature always awes us and inspires us. Thank goodness for that!

Now imagine having a really chic monochrome room, just black and white and then a statement staircase like this...Too fabulous!

Or keep it dark and moody

This amazing chair comes from Colors of Praise and is needlecraft taken to the next level! The embroidery work gone into this is just incredible!

I have used so many flowers in my designs and probably always will... Here is one of my cushion designs called Truth & Vision

And this is my Spring Cottage design which is both a cushion and a fabric

They make the perfect props in photos, lift any table centrepiece, add colour and life to any room.
Well done mummy Nature for inventing flowers, you're the best!

Sometimes you do weird things like inventing this here Bat Flower... Have you ever heard of this before? I never's very strange looking...a bit nightmarish...

But you balance it out with lovely roses and that's all ok then ;-)

If you want more floral fabulousness then follow my Flowery Pinterest board

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