Friday, 4 March 2016

Millesgårgen Ghostly Angels & Art

I visited Millesgården yesterday and was totally blown away! Firstly, the weather was very weird. It was so foggy that you couldn't see far which gave the impression that we were totally cut off from the rest of humanity. This feeling was only compounded by the fact that there were no other visitors there, so we had the place to ourselves. If there was a zombie apocalypse, then this is the place I'd like to hole up in whilst waiting for aliens to come and solve the zombie problem... I think I might be getting a bit off track here... But the point it that it is so beautifully landscaped and curated that I could just live there. Not to mention that there is the sea and a sheer cliff on one side and high security walls on the other, making a nice secure home that the zombies would have a great deal of difficulty getting into.

Ok, so I haven't really explained what Millesgården is...basically it is a museum and sculpture park full of wonderous, um, well sculptures obviously... click the link if you want to know all about the couple who built it.

 And it was all super moody with that thick fog. On a normal day you would look out over the water and see Stockholm behind the musical angels but with the fog, it gave them a kind of blank canvas, with no distractions for the eye. The perfect viewing conditions infact!

This was my favourite sculpture. It had so much humanity and feeling in it, so much soul. Ok, that sounds all a bit vomitty and special feelingsy but it really was so amazing and real looking with such emotion in the material. I was super impressed!

Also going on was the glass art exhibition which initially I thought was going to be those awful glass faces and stuff that are super collectable here in Sweden but I was pleasantly surprised to find a very varied array of glassy weirdness...
Chief amongst the weirdness was the sofa with glass hands that have lights under them so that they are body temperature...which feels quite odd to hold. (here is my daughter trying to comfort the disembodied sad hand)
There were also these things..

I love visiting art exhibitions. It fills my mind up with all sorts of inspiration and thoughts. If you want to see more of the kind of art I like then do check my Pinterest Board

If you haven't got any plans this weekend then why not go and take in some art or visit a museum or something...get a bit of mind food in there!

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