Friday, 12 February 2016

My Days in London Visiting the Tate Modern & Stuff

So, if you haven't figured it out already, I do my blog post on a Friday afternoon, but this Friday afternoon is not like most because I'm in London and have just got back from my visit to the Tate Modern. I've been doing proper touristy stuff all day and I'm cream crackered (knackered).
 I had a good look around the Tate. I went there just because I love modern art but mostly because I have a new collection to design and I want to fill my eyes up with interesting stuff, inspiration.
These were a couple of my favourites...

I also really loved the photographs of old mines and industrial constructions. They remind me of the beautiful drawings of classical buildings but instead there are what would normally be considered rather ugly things. I love the contrast of boring or everyday or ugly things made beautiful and fresh.

I'm staying with a friend and they have just got 2 kittens. I can't tell you how delightful they are, just too sweet for words. I can't have kittens because half my family is allergic to them and plus my dog wants to bite the wee cats more than anything else in the wouldn't be good. So I have to get my kitten snufflings where I can.
She likes me a lot. I think she things my trousers look like mummy 😉
Anyway, I'm going to see lots of art and weirdness tomorrow, I'm visiting Viktor Wynds museum of curiosities so I'll tell you all about that next Friday afternoon. 
Have a wonderful weekend...

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