Friday, 4 September 2015

Black & White or Pink & Blue Interiors?

I've been busy today doing a photoshoot featuring a new design of chair that BVN Design will be bring out later this year, featuring fabric designs my me. I was just going to use the blue wall but I really liked the half painted thing so I thought I would just run with the blue and pink together. They are kind of my signature colours this year. I used them for my web site and also for the latest catalogue, just love the combination of dark blue and soft dusty pink...

I'm not the only one either...
Check this out for some designer retro loveliness

I've also been updating my website with some of the new fabric and cushion designs we are bringing in for Autumn/winter 2015. I don't normally take notice of seasonal trends, or trends at all really. I just do what I think is cool but I decided to give myself a challenge...As the trends for black and white interiors keep on growing, I thought I'd like to do my interpretation of black and white. I've never used white in any previous deigns and almost never black either so this was really  a challenge for the colour orientated person that I am. But I have to say, and I don't like to blow my own trumpet, I'm very happy with the results. 

There are also 2 cushions in the 'Sacred Geometrics' Collection, the same 'Esoterica' design as above and this one called 'There is More...' which incidentally reveals my philosophy on life should you take a closer inspection.

Pic by Janice Issitt Life & Style

What I really love about interiors that are predominately black and white is when a splash of colour just pops, pulls it all together and adds something special...

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