Friday, 11 September 2015

A Few of My Favourite Things - Fashion, Interiors, Music & More...

So this blog is all about my favourite things... I'm a person of high passions and get hugely enthusiastic about certain things, almost evangelical at times...which I think is probably rather annoying, but anyway, today I will share some of my top favourite things...
My favourite things to eat are chocolate covered brazil nuts. I only really get truly enthusiastic about sweet food and am a great appreciator of the pie.

Interior Decoration:
Colour is my thing. Black and white interiors may be super hot right now but they leave me cold. Well they leave me feeling nothing at all actually.
I like strong but muted colours and am loving all the blue and teal colours for walls right now.
Here are some of my favourite colour combinations.

I know I said black and white left me feeling nothing, well, that is mostly true but here are those colours done to my taste...

I know this pic was in my last blog post,  about black and white interiors, but you can never have too much a good thing!

And if that just leaves you wanting more then check out my Pinterest board
Follow Van Asch's board Dark & Decadent Interiors on Pinterest.  

I'm fairly practical and I like comfort so no corsets or high heels for me. These are a few of my favourite kinds of clothes that I would actually wear...

For more boho beautifulness...
Follow Van Asch's board My kinda Clothes on Pinterest.

If you want to see more boots and bags like this type of thing then check my Pinterest board
Follow Van Asch's board Handbags & Shoes on Pinterest.
I am an avid appreciator of music and although I have been a singer and even occasionally written music, I'm a better listener than maker. Music makes everything better.
My favourite song, for the last 5 years  is Rococo by Arcade Fire. I pretty much love everything by them though so go listen with your ears...
I don't get to see many music videos because I don't have the time for that sort of thing but when I was obsessing on this song, I did take the time to look at the vid and thought it was kinda perfect. Favourite video by Woodkid.

Another of my favourite things to do is run. I try to run 4 kilometres before work almost every day and the music I listen to when I'm doing it makes a massive difference to how long or how fast I can manage it. Basically, as I said before, music makes everything better.
So here is my favourite tunes to run to... First up Muffler, there is no video but you can hear the song.

This is the Glitch Mob, also no vid

And finally Klaypex who make many great tracks

Here is a link to my whole running playlist of you like it hard and electronic!

Ok, so I like lots of different types of music and here is my current favourite piece of classical music...

If you want to see more of my favourite things then visit my Pinterest boards for more eye candy...
Have a wonderful weekend!

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