Thursday, 27 August 2015

Big Dolly - Fashion & Fabulous Frocks

I would like to introduce you to someone very special, and a new permanent member of studio Van Asch. She has spent the last 8 years languishing in the dark of my attic but now has been bought into the light again... before you call the police...I'm talking about Big Dolly (as my mother christened her). She has been a faithful servant to me for over 15 years and I would like to show you a few of the things she has done for me...

Back when I lived in London, I had a clothing company, specialising in mediaeval inspired frocks. Over the years I made hundreds of crazy dresses and by the time I moved to Sweden, I needed a change so Big Dolly's days were done...or so I thought!

But due to my new collaboration with Swedish fashion designer Malin from label EMalla.S we have need of Big Dolly's slender form.

Here we all are on my stand at Formex last week

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