Friday, 25 September 2015

Organisation & Discipline

Alright, before you get too excited, this blog is not about how to organise an S & M dungeon. The discipline involved is self discipline and the organisation refers to something that I'm super hopped up about right now, my schedule.

So it is a true and real thing that we people have only a limited amount of will power according to the white coats, and if you use up your precious limited resource then you have none left to resist that tempting piece of cheesecake you really know you shouldn't have, or to get your lazy butt down to the gym.

So, the thing to do is to remove the need for constant decision making, to automate parts of your life, thusly leaving oodles of will power left for dealing with those really challenging the relentless badgering of your kids ;-) Maybe it's just mine but they ask for things, or demand them, constantly. When we are out shopping I have to make about 30 decisions to buy those cookies or not? To get them some crap plastic toy or not to get it? Do they really need new gym clothes or are they asking just because they like the look of them? You get the idea, and this is not easily dealt with when your will power has been reduced to a fine powder on the floor, being blown away by the demanding winds of parenthood.

So my advice is to make yourself an ├╝ber schedule so you don't have to make so many decisions.

I do mine on a sunday evening and I plan the week before me. It includes all the gym visits and yoga I will do and all the meals I will cook. Thusly guillotining the duel willpower succubi of exercise and meal planning.

I also list all the things I need to do for work, from the tiniest quicky emails to the epic new season collection decisions. This means everything is written down so I don't need to stay awake at night worrying about all the things I might have forgotten.

The sum total of this is that I have never been more productive, more focused or fitter... I'm still waiting to figure out a way that my schedule will prevent me from putting that fudge brownie in my mouth but hey, nothing is perfect!

Speaking of brownies, I made some Paleo brownies last night, sweetened with maple syrup instead of sugar and I've gotta say they were a triumph. If you fancy to see the recipe, just leave a comment and I'll post it up. Perfect if you are lactose, fructose or Gluten intolerant.

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