Friday, 5 January 2018

Pantone Colour of the Year 2018 - Ultra Violet

Well well well.... Pantone have announced the colour of the Year for 2018 and what do we think of that then???

I've got very mixed feelings about the colour purple. You see, back when I was 17 - 18 I was purple. I had purple hair, wore a lot of purple, room was painted purple... you get the idea. I've really done the colour purple 100%.
Just to prove it, here are the only photos of me from that time... with purple hair...

The thing is that I do love certain shades of purple, I've even done a blog about it earlier this year, the trends for purple & Green, so I saw this coming. It's just the particular shade that I'm not in love with... it's a bit of a mad purple. Mind you, the world does feel a bit mad so maybe that is rather appropriate.

                        Paint pic from                                                            Pic from Elledecor

Well I won't be rushing to repaint my home in bright purple or start wearing it again, those days are done, but if you feel it for this type of bright shade, then my advice is to mix it up with other dark and jewels colours. I don't like this colour in modern boxy spaces, painted on walls next to white, it's too harsh... so keep it bohemian or keep the purple details small, like a velvet chair for example...
pic from

If you want to see more fun ways to use this colour then check out my Pinterest board

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