Friday, 12 January 2018

Optimism is Back in Fashion!

Moaning about how crap everything is, is so last season darling!

Yes, I know 2017 was a right shocker, with people reeling from the double whammy that was Trump and Brexit. But you can only stay in shock for so long, before it wears off.

2017 has been like a giant grief cycle, on steroids... The 5 stages of grief is a series of responses to death that virtually every human experiences.  They are denial, anger,  depression, bargaining then finally acceptance. How fast we move through that cycle and how we deal with the various stages is very personal, but I get the very strong feeling that a lot of us have moved through  this last year, as if there has been some kind of death...the 'death of reason' maybe, and have reached acceptance and are starting to look forward again. Don't get me wrong, acceptance doesn't mean that you are ok with how things are, it just means that you accept the reality.

Being shocked and reactionary isn't going to get us anywhere. We need to set a positive agenda and put our time and money into the things we believe in and that make the world a better place.

I'm bored of being angry with the world, plus its exhausting. Better to decide how you can make a positive difference and put your energy into that.

For me, it'a about reducing the amount of plastic I use and encouraging others to do the same. Amongst other things...

Positive change is not easy. Sigmund Freud said
'Most people do not really want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility'

It's true, but it really is the only way we can improve the situation. Would you rather be part of the problem or part of the solution? I know you would much rather be part of the solution. So it's time to look at your principles and start living by them. If you don't like the awful environmental impact that Palm Oil plantations have, then don't buy products with palm oil in. If you don't like how battery farmed animals are treated, stop eating them. If you don't like how your local council is doing something in your community then campaign to change it. If you want your local shops to stay in business then spend your money there rather than the out of town super stores. If you like having a local bookshop, buy your books there instead of on Amazon, if you want to help save the bees, plant the mind of flowers they like in your garden...Just decide what you care about and follow through.

Don't wait for your government or the big corporations to fix it all, we know that's not going to happen. 

I find it mildly amusing that the Pantone colour of the year is also often associated with madness...

Yes, it is all a bit mad out there but if we all make an effort, pull our socks up, we can work with this madness... plus it is also a colour often associated with spiritual enlightenment. So lets go through the madness and into enlightenment.

That would be quite nice wouldn't it?

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling very excited and positive about this year...

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