Friday, 13 January 2017

What's New for 2017

Well, you might've thought I'd dropped off the face of the earth recently as it has been a quite place in my blog world... I almost did drop off the face of the earth, well, lost up a mountain anyway. I spent my Christmas holiday tucked away up in the snowy north of Sweden, no wifi, no work, just peace and quiet and breath taking nature..

This is the cute cottage we were staying in...

On the morning that we left we saw the most incredible thing in the sky, It was like a huge oil slick in the sky, but less gross and more unicorny. So beautiful, the picture doesn't do it justice...

I only just got back to work and it is the madness that is 'getting ready for Formex'. I do this trade show twice a year, but it doesn't matter how organised I am or how much I prepare, there is alway last minute bonkerness!
Next Friday I will actually be at Formex, so I'll try to post up some pics from the show and the following week I want to talk about the trends for 2017.
But before I do that I will leave you with a few of my brand new designs to give you a flavour of what is to come...
Ibiza Nights cushion

Victorian Gothic Long

Green Snake

This is a new design that is available in cushions, fabrics, wash bags, purses, shoppers, carpets...
Luna Gold / Luna Way

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