Friday, 20 January 2017

Formex Trade Show SS2017 Trends and Thoughts

I'm sitting here at Formex, as I do twice every year. formex is Scandinavias largest gifts and interiors trade fair and I've been doing it for years....

I've had a chance to mooch about and look around before it opens in the mornings and I have to say that I'm not super impressed...firstly, there is the very weird 'trend zone' in the lobby... There are tumbleweeds blowing through there...ok, not actual tumbleweeds, but it is a bit ghost towny. Actual tumbleweeds would fit in quite nicely though as the trend zone is just a bunch of mirrored boxes containing pine cones and tree branches and leaves and stuff. No actual trend prediction or guidance there then... Apart from that nature is really 'in' right now. Can you detect my sarcasm? Well there's lots of it. I am not impressed. Nature is always in, nature is the most awesome thing, but I'm just not sure what it is doing in a trend zone.

I'm seeing a huge trend for Greekkey and strong deco inspired graphic patterns, and really masses of gold foil embossed on velvet. I'm seeing really a lot of velvet...

These gorgeous cushions by Livva 
As far as colour go, well I have seen hardly any of Pantones 'Vile Bile' sorry, of course I mean 'Greenery' the only thing I saw was some glassware on Jonathan Adlers stand
But I have seen a huge amount of green, natural greens, but not as bright and nasty as Greenery. Lots of sage, moss and forest greens which I just love and frequently teamed up with purples.

This gorgeous crockery is by STHÃ…L

My feeling is that purple and green are going to be really big colours this year, so much so that I'll be doing a whole blog next Friday about that very topic....
And in case you are wondering, here are a couple of pics from my stand...

And how could I not include the cushions that I did featuring my daughters Scarlett's drawings?

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