Friday, 27 January 2017

Purple & Green. The Interiors Trend Colours for 2017

I know I've been banging on a lot about colour recently but it is hugely important in my line of work and also personally. Harmonious colours make me feel nice and discordant colours make me feel uncomfortable. I consider myself to be colour sensitive... or something like that. Anyway, I want to talk about the big trend colours for 2017 which are purple and green, often together.
I have a love/hate relationship with both of these colours. Take purple for example. I loathe and detest bright blue purples but I adore deep red purples...go figure! And the same with greens. I love muted natural shades of green, olive, sage, moss, forest etc but hate lime, fluorescent or bright green.

I visited one of my fabric stockists recently Glada Ungmöns Diversehandel, we chatted about the new colour trends, I could see she was right onboard with it...

and what did I say about parrots last year? I said they were going to be everywhere...and they are!

I saw lots of purple and green being mixed together when I was at Formex trade show last week too, combined with tropical birds and lots of botanicals....

You can see what I mean from this pic from a PR bureau in Stockholm...

I really loved the stand by Jacobsdahls fabrics. It always looks so beautifully presented.. and more parrots! I'm telling you! We're being taken over!

I showed you some gorgeous tableware from STHÅL in my last blog, but I just have to show you more of their stuff because I just love this colour combo so much..

It wasn't just interiors rocking this colour combo though, even the furs on offer from Natures Collection featured gorgeous shades... I have to say I'm a bit hesitant to mention them because I'm kind of anti fur, I'm a huge animal lover, I don't eat red meat and I feel a bit weird about it all. But I love these colours together, so lets just leave my ethical dilemma aside for a moment shall we?

Actually, I've been inspired by the combination of these colours for a while, so much so it inspired me for one of my latest designs, Green Snake
You can buy it here

I'm going to be doing a lot more in these kinds of colours this year, I'm definitely feeling' it!
And if you are not convinced, then check out these gorgeous examples of when this colour combo can really work...

and this has to be a personal favourite, just for the sheer exuberant love of colour, and done by my friend Janice Issitt for Annie Sloans Chalk Paint Painters in Residence project. If you love painting, interior decorating, renovating, photography, knitting, travelling, crafty business or a million other things that Janice can do, then go check out her blog

And if you feel inspired and want to get some more eye candy then check out my Pinterest...


  1. I love your style! Can you come over to my house and redecorate it? Your interior design skills are playful, detail orientated, colorful, elegant, I could go on for days. I am anti-fur too. I absolutely love animals and am in the midst of going vegan for their sake. I am glad someone is following their passion in life.

    Verna Hopkins @ Promosaurus Promotional Products

    1. Thanks Verna! I'm also in the midst of going Vegan, not easy in a big family of fussy eaters! I'm going to do a blog about that this Friday, hope you check back in...

  2. This is looks so beautiful and impressive. The purple green combination gives a distinctive look to the place. I will surely give a try to add these ideas in my home interior.

  3. I tell you this is the most atrractive room interiors i have seen so far. The use of colors is so perfectly organized. Combination grenn and blue is looking ice.