Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Ibiza - Bohemian Ground Zero Part 2

Yes, the shopping in old town was amazing, even the kids shops were fantastic, there were not many, and like everything else, rather expensive, but I so would've bought these trainers if they were in my size!

My overall impressions of Ibiza were that it was a rather dull scrubby place, as far as the nature is concerned and only alleviated by the explosions of pink and purple flowers all over the place. The nature gets more lush as you go north but where we were staying, it was all rather dusty and kind of desiccated. That might be why the colours people wear are so exuberant, to make up for all that dry dullness. I'm being a bit harsh but I am very keen on lush woodlands and verdant nature and I didn't see much of that, apart from the beautiful flowers. Im also keen on fabulous clothing and boho accessories and I did find that! In great abundance!

Another thing I love are spaces that are half indoors and half outdoors where plants grow and sunlight dapples through. A lot of restaurants and bars are like that there... it's like a fairy wonderland...with waiters. 

 Almost every restaurant we ate in had this magical feeling... and there were a lot of buddhas everywhere! It was how you could tell if you were in a tourist trap restaurant or an authentic Spanish restaurant. Don't get me wrong, I love Buddha, how could you not? With all that calm universal understanding and stuff, but there was something a bit plastic and fake about the sheer quantity of them. Not that I'm one to cast stones... I have Buddha on one of my cushion collections!

Anyway, next instalment will be coming on Friday.... You'll get to hear about the mini bus door mishap and Buddha might get another little mention....

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