Thursday, 2 June 2016

Fashion Parties & Helsingborg

I went down to Helsingborg for a fabulous event last weekend. It was a fashion spectacular with Van Asch in collaboration with designer Malin from E.MallaS. I bought a few of Malin's super dresses myself and I got first pick! Yippee!!!!. There were about 100 women all madly trying on frocks and drinking champagne and it was so much fun, live music too and it went on until about 10 at night...There was also another 2 big fashion events going on at the same time in Helsingborg, but we won the competition of who had the most visitors! Of course!!!

We were staying at the E.MallaS HQ which is actually a beautiful huge big home and conference centre in a park. It was so weird to step outside the front door into this every morning!
Quite a treat and the flowers were amazing!

I got back to work on monday and have been madly trying to finish my catalogue artwork to get it off to the printers... Just got back the photos that Janice Issitt took of me when she was visiting a couple of weeks ago and I'm super pleased... I'll bung this in the catalogue somewhere!

I am off to Ibiza tomorrow for a week of well earned vacationing and shopping and I'll take lots of pics to show you in my next blog, when I get back...

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