Friday, 10 June 2016

Ibiza Bohemian Ground Zero Part 1

It may seem like I've been a bit rubbish about posting up on the Friday afternoons like I usually do but really, I have the best of excuses...last Friday I was flying to Ibiza and this Friday I flew back... So this is going to be the first installment of a juicy series of blog posts coming over this next week...
I was super excited to be going to Ibiza as it is the source of all that lovely bohemian style I love these days, the Bohemain Ground Zero, if you like, and I wanted to see EVERYTHING! And by 'see everything', I mean 'buy everything' of course!!!! 
The day after we arrived we made our way to Eivissa, Ibizas main town, and we meandered around old town poking into all the shops. There was plenty of naff touristy bollocks of course, but within all that plastic rubbish, there were some real fab shops...


The really strong trends were for ice cream colours, just a bit stronger than pastels and masses of lace tunics and silk everywhere.
I bought a few things but the best thing I got was a brand new wedding ring. My hubby and I had rings made for us when we got married. We wanted skulls, with diamond eyes, and although we got that, they were more 'Camden market' than Codognato, so we were never satisfied with them. Add to that, that hubby no longer fits his, we have been looking for rings for years...never finding anything interesting or different...until I found this....

I love this ring for many  reasons not least that it only cost €15!!, seriously! I love a bargain!
Hubby got a nice manly silver band... No nonsense!

So, I'll be continuing my stories of Ibiza this week, including my accidental destruction of a mini bus... Ok, that sounds a bit dramatic, but I did rip the door off! True.

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