Thursday, 6 August 2015

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream...

A friend of mine once said that she'd sleep when she was dead..  she did love to party, that one.
I always thought that sounded like some kind of torture, to deprive oneself of one of the most delicious pleasures in life... Sleep.
Forget about the boring health aspects of sleep, for a minute, and the fact that without an adequate  supply of it we'd all go quite, I'm talking about the pure indulgent pleasure of it.
See the thing is that I'm a dreamer, a big dreamer and my dream life is almost as relevant as my real life when I'm actually experiencing it. If the whole point of life is to be in the 'now' and enjoy it then surely that involves being in the 'now' when you're sleeping too?

If feel like in real life I am a bit pointy, a bit jagged. I'm always hassling my family to 'do things', to 'get on with it', 'move forward' ...Horrible naggy witch that I am, and I often feel like I'm moving at a different frequency to everyone else. Sometimes I can dampen my naturally frenetic energy, but not often and I do feel a bit sorry for my lovely family who are much better at relaxing than I am. But I don't mean to digress, my point is that in my dreams, I'm usually at a party or club or bar or something. I'm hanging out with my mates and have nothing particular to do. I just am. I am there, engaged but relaxed. So I think that underneath this hassle monster is a nice chilled out person, my subconscious tells me so, and at night time, I get to be that relaxed person. I have a great time in my sleep, chatting, walking around ruined churches, having picnics by the beach etc Sometimes they are epic space operas with huge alien invasions and sometimes I'm at fashion shows or shopping but mostly it is parties...then I'm ready to wake up the next day with a barrel full of monkeys in my head and a mad need to get busy. There is some kind of balance there and it works for me.

Images are by the sublime Kay Nielsen who is one of the greatest illustrators that ever lived, in my humble opinion.

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