Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Happy Wonderful Mad Easter!

Im off up to the snowy northern parts of Sweden for Easter but I leave you with a few of my top Easter picks...and hopefully spring will have finally come to Stockholm but the time I get back!

Here is a wonderful headdress by Miss G Designs, perfect if you happen to be going on a crazy Easter parade.

Just look at all these yummy Easter  biscuits! They look like jewels!

I love this steampunk Easter egg, very cool

Or perhaps something a little more gothic?

I'm being a bit naughty here and lifting the whole text for this image but it is so late and I need to go to bed, so sorry for the plagiarism!

No blog about eggs can be complete without the obvious faberge eggs so here are a couple of beauties...

 But let us not forget the Easter bunny!

Check out this chair! Brilliant!

Rabbity jewels found on etsy...

I'm not mad keen on statues of rabbits but I do think this wee fella is rather charming.

Check out this amazing table spread!

More fab hand painted eggs...

Easter pic by Janice Issitt.

And how about some lovely handmade art

Have a fantastic Easter everyone, eat lots of chocks and don't feel one bit guilty about it!

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  1. I enjoyed the Easter pics. They are all lovely