Friday, 27 March 2015

Make Peace Not War Interiors & Lifestyle

With a sniff of spring on the horizon and the joys of summer still before me I felt like bringing a bit of colour into the blogosphere... BUT...all this jollity is tempered by the knowledge that many folks don't have a little boho loft to decorate, not even a hovel to live in. Did you know there are more than 50 million people displaced around the world, most due to the impact of war in their homeland? Truly horrendous!
The conflict in Ukraine really got under my skin, and inspired one of my recent collections...influenced by traditional eastern European folk art but with  definite Van Asch twist of course... This is my little way of putting positivity out there into peoples homes...

So this blog is devoted to making peace, art, love but most definitely NOT  war!
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Anti-Vietnam War March ‘Flower Girl’, Marc Riboud, 1967

Ok, so these are a bit off beam, but so boho and lovely, they give the vibes...
Colorful chandelier, found on 

 How mad is this bed! 

I love this idea! Ok, so you got to be pretty good at painting, but what a cool effect, and perfect for an outdoors terrace.

 Generally bombed out abandoned cars are as far from beautiful as I can imagine, but this...this works.

 The trend for this old fashioned circus style lighting is right up my boho alley! This one from 
Peace Sign by GetLitt on Etsy, $175.00
 Cool Peace table
 'In the studio with Pamela Love - Opening Ceremony'
 I love this and it would be pretty easy to make yourself. Very stylish above a bed in an otherwise quite plain room, chic.

I'll leave you with my No Guns cushion and wish you all a wonderfully peaceful weekend!

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