Friday, 17 April 2015

Steampunk Delights at the Stora Hotellet in Umeå Sweden

I had the very good fortune to visit the Stora Hotellet in Umeå over the Easter break and fell in love with the place. It has become rather a Mecca to the small but devoted group of Swedish Steampunkers who recently held a convention of sorts there.

What really dazzled me was the attention to detail in the major fittings, the carpets, tiles, bannisters and wall paper. All so beautifully designed, with inspiration from the awesome Earnst Haeckel of course.

This beautiful design is used not only on the bannisters but also, the wallpaper and printed on the bed covers and elsewhere

I love this fossil inspired tile design.. 

 The Hotel originally opened in 1895  as part of the Seaman's Mission but extensive refurbishment was carried out prior to the reopening in 2014 to coincide with Umeå being named European Capital of Culture that same year.
 These lovely decorations are made from rather plain sea shells yet they look so soft and wonderful
 The rooms themselves run from cozy cabins to luxurious suites and everything in between...

I'm not sure that the design team of Stylt Trampoli actually knew what Steampunk was/is when they did the design but the crazy Jules Verne Nautical madness of it all is an obvious fit.
Just cheek out the mental staircase at the top of the hotel...

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