Friday, 6 March 2015

Beautiful Birds & Birdcages

Well you know I've always had a thing for birdcages and birdies too. I use a lot of them in my designs and as props for photoshoots. Significantly though, my birdcages never feature birds inside them because that just makes me a wee bit sad... see one of my Ravens cushions is a perfect example...

I love the energy in this sculpture of paper and copper pipe y Anna Will Highfield

And how cool is this duck! I have kind of mixed feelings about taxidermy but I can't help but love this fella!

Now this is a perfect example of the ultimate birdcage...

Who is this funny fella then? Well he is a gold Ibis lamp from which you could own for a cool $472.50

Now we're talking birdcages! Lots of them!!! This could be my perfect restaurant ever! Don't care about the food! Ok, that's not strictly true because cake is highly relevant in my daily life! ;-)

I've seen this birdcage all over blogs and pinterest for years but how can it not be's got a clock on it!

I love the trend for chandeliers in birdcages because it combines 2 of my favourite forms in decorating and just brings that eccentric edge into contemporary interior design.
photo taken in a restoration hardware store in San Fransisco CA

I love everything about this room, not least the bonkers pelican lamp but look at those lush jewel tones of the settee and wall! Oh to die for!

Love this wallpaper from 

I love the way these old bird pictures have been inserted into the panels on this old door, very cool, by

This gorgeous settee is one of the most amazing pieces of furniture I've ever beheld! This is from 2012 Anthroplogie  Always purveyors of desirables... 

This is a very modern piece but I think it's rather interesting Umut Yamac's Perch Light, found on
I love this crazy ceiling lighting! This is my kind of grown up stylish, but still a little gothic, type of interior, found on

And what if you want to be the bird? 
You could try hanging about in this here bird cage-like swing by Ontwerpduo,

or, more hysterically, you could get in your nest... this is a real product you can buy it, in lots of colours and wood types... yep,  for a mere 2 700€ - 7 900€ you can have your very own nest found on 

If you want to give a little something back to the birds as a thank you for being so beautiful and inspiring then what better way to do it that this!