Sunday, 22 September 2013

Vintage finds, Props & More

As a designer, I often have to photograph my wares and contextualize them with interesting gubbins. The best kind of gubbins is old, weird, and cheap! And, if it can be made from scratch...then that's the very best kind of prop!
So here are some interesting props that I've found and made. I start with a pair of deer horns. I made them from wire and papier maché. The little details were stringy bits of glue. I was very happy with the shape and originally I painted them to look natural, but they looked too dark so I repainted them with some Annie Sloane Chalk paint I had knocking around. I used a £1 scarf I got from a boot fair to cover up the wires at the bottom. I use that scarf for so many pictures... you'll see...

Here are the horns and we also used some paper pom poms I borrowed from my friend who made them for her wedding party.

As I said, I'm a designer, not a photographer so this pic is by Janice Issitt who I work with a lot.

I bought these 2 little china birds for next to nothing and here is my trusty £1 scarf as backdrop once again...

Normally I use objects as the props for my cushions etc but here, in a reversal of rolls, I'm actually using one of my cushions as the prop for my new tea set. I wanted to show this cute little tea set I bought for £15 on my blog and facebook page and needed something to liven up the background...


  1. Oh no neither of my comments to you and Janice worked. Wow those antlers what a find! I adored reading this post I do hope you will join in again this week #SundayPropShop xxx

    1. Hi Lucy!. I'll dig around in my hard drive and see what I can come up with!

  2. I really appreciate this post! Feels like it's finally clicked how I can gather, use and reuse little objects I love! I've been working on the basis of one time appearances... ridiculous!
    Alternative title: Props for Dummies <3
    Thank you!