Sunday, 6 October 2013

My Home in Dagens Nyheter Newspaper

Last Friday, I was delighted to see a full page article about me and my home in one of Sweden's biggest national newspapers so I thought I would take this opportunity to explore some of the weird and wonderful old things around my house, the little props used to give life to the interiors shots.
When the newspaper asked if they could come and photograph my house I thought I better sort things out a bit so I spent the best part of a week pimping up the house, doing little things like adding these silver spoons to the lampshade, just to make it a little more interesting. I found them in my local recycling station and thought..'I'll have that!' Proper old antique silver spoons someone was throwing away! Unbelievable!

In my home the focus is always on upcycled, reused, secondhand, home made... you get the idea. I want to get across the idea that you don't need to have tons of money to get an interesting look, you just need to look at old stuff with a fresh eye.

I had some help from my friend, stylist and photographer Janice Issitt who took these quick snaps before the newspaper arrived...

The artwork on the wall is by my little daughter and the tea set is inherited from my Grandma. It was piled high with pasties for the actual shot. I also made the table cloth from old crocheted doilies and linen which you can also see in the final shot.

Here is a closeup in the living room. I found the table on the Holloway Road in London and took it home and painted it black. There is still a horrible white plastic marble strip down the middle so I covered it with an oriental satin runner I made. The footstool in front was also hideous when I found it but a lick of red paint and new fabric has given it a new lease of life.

This is in my bedroom. I've owned that little pink cup all my life, I think I've had it longer than any other object ... I still love it too!

This is also from the bedroom, that plant doesn't normally live there, it likes it outside but it looked so nice in that spot (normally there is an ugly CD player there). I painted the boring terra-cotta pot with Annie Sloane chalk paint the day before the shoot...

This is a little arrangement of journals and Wash bag from my label Van Asch that Janice arranged on the window sill, normally there is nothing on the windowsill at all... See, you can't believe what you see in the papers... It's all staged!! ;-)

To see the final shots and read the whole article check out Dagens Nyheter.


  1. Oh I adore how you mix styles and colours so fabulously! Thank you so much for sharing! xx

  2. Great blog Rachel even though Im a bit biased xx