Friday, 6 September 2013

Skulls mean Life!

Okay okay, I know...I bang on about skulls a lot! I like 'em! What can I say?
I get a lot of people asking me why I use so many skulls in my designs and I say that it has nothing to do with death but quite the reverse. Skulls remind me that there is only this one life and that I should enjoy it in the here and now. I don't mean in some indulgent decadent type of way, I just mean to live in the moment and take my joy whenever I can. So here, in celebration of life, are my collection of favourite skulls....
Lets begin with my new collection of Delicious Skullduggery skull cushions...

These are the works of Magnus Gjoen and I love the mix of old traditional imagery and the skull form especially the blue and white porcelain one.

 Here is more of the mix of old and new, my favourite combination!

Okay, not strictly a skull but too wonderful to leave out this laser etched chair by artist Scott Cambell

And continuing on the chair theme, this dark little number by

  No collection is complete without this by Damien Hurst but actually, 
It's my least favourite piece.

I'd like to have these skull door knobs by Krystal Touch of New York 
and I bet they would feel nice in the hand.

 My very favourite stained glass artist is Tom Spencer 

And no collection is complete with something by Juan Gatti. 
I love all his crazy botanical skullicious designs!

Love this vibrant day of the dead sugar skull, 
now if that's not a celebration of life then I'm a monkey's uncle

Clever little bit of illusion ....  Skull L'Amour de Pierrot 1905

And to finish, here are 2 of my latest cocktail trays

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