Monday, 19 August 2013

Swallows & Noise

In an effort to escape the noise I went for a walk with the dog, as I do every day...well not the noise escaping bit. That's because I have the builders in and they are currently jack hammering the concrete floor out and old tiles etc. Noisy is an understatement! Anyway, I was walking with the dog out on the fields and noticed  loads of swallows darting about. They really are right fancy little movers, and there really was a lot of them! I've never seen them there before. And, last week my best friend got herself a wee swallow tattoo, so that got me thinking about them, how beautiful they are in nature and in art. So here are my top swallow tips
Swallow gift tags from Not On The Highstreet

Fantastic wallpaper from 1878 by Walter Crane

Here is a really great way to make your own art using your ordinary desk top printer. Google up a nice image and print it on a page from an old book, team it up with a fancy frame and there you have it...
a great place to find good images, and not just of swallows, is The Graphics Fairy
And you just can't live without knowing about spoonflower. It's this super cool site where you can get fabric and wallpaper printed from your own designs or others and there are some really cool designs to choose from. Here is a fabric I thought was utterly cute.

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  1. This is totally and utterly wonderful and now I want more swallow tattoos