Sunday, 26 May 2013

Steampunk Festival & the week that was

So what's been going on? well, it's been a week of madly cleaning, getting everything ready for the big clearance sample sale which I had on Saturday plus I also got the news that Sweden's biggest newspaper is coming to photograph me in my home in a few weeks time....Gulp!

I also got the last of my A/W 13 cushion samples from the factory and am very excited about them. They are totally mad kitchy leopardy skull infested bits of madness and only for the brave !

I also got some pics from Janice Issitt Photography of a couple of other new cushion designs. There are going to be 9 new designs in all so...more to come...

As you know, I'm rather keen on all things Steampunk and thanks to a tip off from Store Gården Country Living I now know there will be a Steampunk festival later this year in Alingsås Sweden. It's called Steampunk Konvent and by all accounts I think I'm gonna be there! It's miles from where I live but worth the effort I believe!
All in all, I've had an amazing week... 3 parties in 7 days, great new samples arriving and cleansing my studio of all the old samples and seconds that have been cluttering up my precious space. Fantastic!

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