Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Back to the Future III...Totally Steampunk!

The family and I have been watching all the Back to The Future movies over the last 3 evenings. I'd never seen part 3 which came out in 1990 so was quite amazed by the totally steampunktastic ending, with Doc's steam powered time traveling train, not to mention his sons, Jules and Verne.

It's weird because although the phrase 'Steampunk' was only coined in 1987 and not really into mainstream until the late 90's with Will Smith's film Wild Wild West,  even now, there are still loads of people who have never even heard the term and have no idea what it is.... This blog is for YOU!
So here is a couple of pics from Wild Wild West which catapulted steampunk into the mainstream(ish). Okay, gently nudged steampunk into our collective unconscious..or something.... anyway it's science and steam technology combined most deliciously and although the film got terrible reviews and won several Rotten Tomato awards, I still rather like it, but then I'm biased ;-)

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