Friday, 3 March 2017

Fredagsmys... Friday Cozy Time I usually write a blog on a Friday afternoon, pretty much every week, and I had a great thing to write about too! I was going to talk about the rise of Swedish Maximalism...yes, it is a thing apparently. I've been reading about it. I would definitely jump on that train of possibility and ride it all the way to Truthville, because I really really do want it to be true. So, I was going to tell you all about that, and I still am, but it has to be next week. I've had no time today, been in meetings with my Spanish distributor, and Malin, who I co-design clothing with, talking about our next collection, so I've had no time to do the research necessary to talk about this new Swedish Maximalism. I even forgot to buy 'Fredagsmys'! Horror! For my non-swedish readers, Fredagsmys is a family tradition of having the whole family together on the sofa, watching TV and eating crisps and snacks on a Friday evening and roughly translates as 'Friday cozy time' but not really. I can quite honestly say that it is one of the best things I know, but I've been running around all day like a mad woman and forgot to buy aforementioned snacks... Got to dash to the store now and save Friday! The children are not amused!!!

I promise next weeks blog will be a lush and luxurious interiors indulgence.
Until then, have a wonderful Friday, I know I will!

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