Friday, 24 March 2017

Fabrics & Upholstery at Stilbrott

I visited a wonderful upholstery shop called  Stilbrott in Söder Stockholm yesterday. I was meeting with Fia, the lovely owner, and soon to be new stockist of Van Asch fabrics.

I hate having my picture taken so I often do silly faces to cover my embarrassment ... sorry about that!

Anyway, they have the most wonderful selection of fabrics, which of course, I couldn't resist snuffling around...
One of my favourites was this oriental inspired print by Lorenzo Castillo on velvet, such a fabulous crisp print and quite a bonkers design...

And speaking of bonkers designs, just check out the Christian Lacroix for Designers Guild collection!

I mean check out all the busy pattern mayhem! It's just crazy

and I like pattern!  But some of these are a bit much even for me. I do love the stained glass effect fabric on the chair above though... here is a close up of it...

Apart from going into town to meet Fia, I've been working on the new design for my stand at Formex trade show in August. It's going to be a whole new concept and I'm super excited about it but it is a lot of work to get it ready in time... I've also been working on the new range of clothing, sampling up the forms before I do the print designs.... much to do! 
Which is one of the reasons that I'm so pleased it is Friday! Oh how I love Friday! My sofa is calling to me! I'm going to have a very relaxing chill weekend and recharge, ready for my super creative next week to come...
Have a lovely weekend folks!


  1. hello, this is the only way i could contact you from this blog. you posted a picture of a victorian pendant collar with pink frills quite a while ago, the picture appears in google if you search victorian collar. i was wondering if you still had it and could possibly send a close up picture of the pendant itself - my friend really likes the design and wants me to draw it for him so he can use it to make a logo (not for profit, he's just into design.) i'm sorry to bother you with something so strange and specific.

  2. Hi Hannah, if you email me a screen shot of the thing you are talking about, I'll see what I can find....