Friday, 17 February 2017

Fashion: Can We Dress Ourselves Happy?

Well apparently we can! It's called Dopamine Dressing and it really is a thing. It's fashions answer to these dark and difficult times.
Normally when Fashion has an answer, it is to a question like 'How can I give myself a really bad body image?' or ' how to spend too much money on a skirt that looks like a lampshade?'... Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of the fashion industry. But occasionally something unexpected and positive pops out of the Fashion industry's collective gob and this is one of those rare occurrences. Dressing to make yourself more happy.

There certainly has been plenty of bright colours gracing the catwalk recently...

Pic courtesy of Fashionisers

And surely this would make anyone hysterical with laughter? Hmmm perhaps not in a good way...
Moschino Spring 2017

But it's not all about wearing jolly colours, unless wearing jolly colours makes you feel good. Personally I'd feel like an idiot, but the point it that it is more about wearing clothes that make you feel good and happy rather than just bright colours. It also starts to explain the idea of 'your lucky jumper' or whatever special good luck charm garment it may be... I do believe there is some sciencey stuff to explain it, but we need not bother our pretty little heads with that nonsense, just grab those lemon yellow flares and get out there!
You know, when I typed the words 'Yellow Flares', I really didn't think there would be all that much out there, I mean I was poking fun, but you'd be surprised! the internet is absolutely chocker block full of bright yellow flares! Amazing!
I think I'm getting very boring in my old age...favourite colour for clothes is grey. How sad is that? Only it's not sad! It's happy! Because Grey makes me feel happy, so there.
Want to know what colours Pantone thinks are the hot shades for spring 2017?
Thought you did...

And now I'm going to leave you with a peak into what kind of clothes I really like...

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